I just want to state my gratitude for the "blessings" of non-conformance, questioning and rational thinking.  I'll name them one by one.

  1. I'm grateful to keep my tithing.  The extra %10 goes a long way to help my own family stay above water, and afford the ever increasing cost of living.
  2. Many hours more time each week to spend with the family, or doing things that I want, instead of sitting through repetitive, boring meetings that lost their spiritual nourishment value long ago.
  3. Owning my mind, thinking what I want, following my own rationale, and experiencing zero guilt.

What post-mormon "blessings" are you grateful for?

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FREEDOM! For sure my #1-to be able to think for myself and make my own decisions.

1. I'm thankful for having found the genuine Jesus Christ.

2. I'm thankful for true salvation by grace.

3. I'm thankful for the genuine word of God that is validated by archeology, Historical accounts by non Christians and thousands of fulfilled prophesies not three books with none of these (BOM, D&C, POGP).

4. I'm thankful for the Holy Spirit guidance (though I don't always follow it, duh) in my life.

5. I'm thankful for the Christians that showed me the truth of Christianity and the Bible instead of the junk that I had been taught by the LDS teachings.

6. I'm thankful that my wife's salvation does not depend on me and whether I'm living the word of wisdom and the priesthood.

7. I'm thankful for the great biblical teachers and scholars called by God to give their lives to sharing the truth of God's plan with me.

I'm grateful for:

  • A wife who respects my integrity more than the need to have a priesthood holding husband.
  • A good nights sleep, no more worrying if I will need to wake up in the middle of the night to start the trek to Missouri. I hate camping.
  • Freedom to wear whatever underwear (or none at all) I want. (To a nevermo that may sound really strange, but to those of us who were told we had to buy underwear from the church and wear it "all the days of our lives", it's a big deal.)
  • Loosing all the guilt associated with the church and all its silly man-made rules.
  • Feeling more connected to humanity than ever before. No more of this holier-than-thou attitude, "I'm special and better than you because I belong to the One True Church, and I know things that you don't." We're all on this planet together and we've got to make it work...regardless of religious beliefs.
  • All the Postmos and Exmos who forged the way with truth, light, knowledge, and verifiable information.

Happy New You everybody.

* Freedom to wear what I want, even though it's immodest.

* No more guilt if my in-laws want to go shopping on Sundays

* My new found knowledge on bras. (They aren't all unsexy, apparently)

* No more guilt on keeping 10% of our income

* My son hates ties and now they're not mandatory.

just to name a few.

Amen to everyone. I think out of everything listed so far, my favorite "blessing" is Mikes:

3. Owning my mind, thinking what I want, following my own rationale, and experiencing zero guilt.

That is the thing that has given me the most peace since leaving. I have no bad feelings about growing up Mormon, because I gained a lot from the experience. There were of course many negatives and the constant guilt associated with a religion that expected you to be constantly at odds with your own humanity was very frustrating. 

The freedom I felt from knowing that I could go forward in life using logic instead of faith and without guilt was for me an almost spiritual moment that brought me an inner peace that is with me on a daily basis. Many are angry at the Mormon church, I am just so very glad it isn't true and so thrilled with a life that doesn't require me to do stupid things, that I never think to be angry. 

Great idea for a post Mike.

Devil Bar Kokhba


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