First time post for me, as I'm a new born on this site:

More and more am I coming to realization that the Mormon church truely does have cult like tendancies. Blind obedience is probably one of worst. But even more damaging is he pattern of justification, rationalization, and denial of historical evidence (as was seen recently with Randy Bott vs BYU students). Now, I've had various conversations with Mormons of all sorts (I myself once a member), and the conversations seems to always have the same pattern. More importantly, the loyal member doesn't actually realize how absurd the logic behind what they are saying is (I was once the same way). I am curious if others have seen, experienced, or ever acted in with the same sort of way and when did you realize that it may not been true?

Here's an example of some of the conversations I've had with members: (Sorry it's long)
Conversation with a Mormon
Mormon: Did you know Christ came to the Americas?
Atheist: Did you know that there isn't conclusive evidence that Christ ever existed?
Mormon: Shut up, you don't know anything, and you're dumb!
Atheist: Did you know that Joseph Smith incorrectly translated the Book of Abraham?
Mormon: No, but he correctly translated the Book of Mormon and that's all that matters. You're just anti.
Atheist: It's been proven, I'm not anti.
Mormon: Did you know we can all be Gods? Except for the blacks, they were cursed from pre-existence.
Atheist: Interesting... what did the blacks do?
Mormon: I don't know.
Atheist: And you just go along with this belief?
Mormon: No, I don't believe in it, it was not inspired by God.
Atheist: So it must have just been Brigham Young who taught it then? He said some crazy stuff that Mormons don't believe.
Mormon: No, it started with Joseph Smith, and thanks to modern revelation they can now have the priesthood.
Atheist: So God forgave them?
Mormon: Well, sort of. They haven't turned white yet so God must still be pretty mad.
Atheist: What about native americans?
Mormon: They were also cursed for similar reasons, but the curse was not so bad.
Atheist: They haven't turned white either, is God still mad at them?
Mormon: Probably, we are still waiting for the prophecies to be fulfilled.
Atheist: What prophecies?
Mormon: You know, the ones were blacks and native americans turn white again.
Atheist: So God really is white?
Mormon: That's what Joseph Smith said in First Vision 7.1 and that's what we believe. He also has a beard which is cool.
Atheist: Does he have a beard card?
Mormon: No, only mortals are required to carry one. But when I'm a God I am going to grow one out!
Mormon: So you believe in philosophy as a religion?
Atheist: No, not exactly. Philosophy can be just as dangerous as religion.
Mormon: So what do you believe? How can you not believe in God?
Atheist: Why do I need to believe in God?
Mormon: Because you'll go to one of the lower kingdoms if you don't.
Mormon: But don't worry, Joseph Smith said you'd kill yourself just to get there, so it's still a pretty nice place.
Atheist: So who goes to hell?
Mormon: Only those that have seen Christ and felt the spirit that he's the one, or so I'm told.
Atheist: So how many people have seen Christ?
Mormon: Only a handful, so you really don't have anything to worry about.
Atheist: So why should I go to church?
Mormon: To be saved!
Atheist: Saved from what?
Mormon: Hell, what else? Well, really it's outer darkness, you wouldn't ever go to hell.
Atheist: What's so great about the top kingdom?
Mormon: You get to have sex, that's what I learned about in seminary.
Atheist: God has sex?
Mormon: Sure, he might even have more than one wife. It's hard work creating so many spirit babies!
Atheist: Can women become Gods?
Mormon: Sure! Except they'll be busy having babies all the time so they won't really be involved.
Atheist: Sounds good to me! How do I get there?
Mormon: Get baptized and get the Holy Ghost, repent, follow the prophet, don't ask questions, keep your head down and arms folded....
Mormon: Receive the priesthood, get married in the temple, only have sex missionary style and only when you're ready to have kids....
Mormon: Don't drink coffee, tea, or alcohol, don't smoke or do drugs, pay 10% of everything you make, and I mean everything....
Mormon: Preach the Gospel, perform baptisms for the dead, complete the secret temple ceremonies yourself and for the dead....
Mormon: Repent, repent, repent, repent, never fall away and make sure your wife does all these things as well, otherwise, no God sex for you.
Atheist: Is there a money back guarantee?
Mormon: Unfortunately no, you'll just have to have faith that you'll make it.
Atheist: You mentioned a lot of things that seemed interesting to me, I can't ask questions or express my own beliefs?
Mormon: Sure you can ask questions, as long as they don't make others doubt.
Mormon: And there's nothing wrong with thinking for yourself, as long as its the same thing everyone else thinks.
Atheist: Jesus didn't mention a single one of those you mentioned, are you sure that's what he wants?
Mormon: Through modern day revelation, we know what God wants. Those alive during the time of Christ weren't so lucky to have this knowledge.
Atheist: So Jesus didn't share everything with his disciples or to the people?
Mormon: We believe that the Bible is translated incorrectly in many areas.
Atheist: What about the book of mormon?
Mormon: Nope, it's the most correct book on the planet, save for a few thousand grammatical errors and a slight problem with the nature of God, but those were corrected.
Atheist: Doesn't it contain translation errors that exist in the King James Bible?
Mormon: I'm sure God has his reasons.
Atheist: How did he did he translate the gold plates?
Mormon: Do you want the truth or the not so true truth?
Atheist: Truth of course
Mormon: Well, he put a seer stone in a hat and was able to magicaly see words
Atheist: I thought magic was condemmed in the Bible?
Mormon: It wasn't really magic, it was revelation!
Atheist: Weren't seer stones pretty common folk magic at the time?
Mormon: Yes, but it was different when a Prophet of God had one.
Atheist: How so?
Mormon: It actually worked.

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Thanks, now I'm dizzy.

I wonder how many LDS logicians there are?

Sorry for making you dizzy, that's how I feel when trying to work out all the logic behind the beliefs I used to have.

I would have to say that the church probably has a pretty high attrition rate for logical thinkers when it comes to religion. Sadly for me it took years to see how crazy the beliefs were; when you have been emotionally manipulated and lied to from birth it's pretty hard to think logically.


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