I want to thank everyone who supported, encouraged and inspired this ad campaign.  I apologize for not summarizing this sooner.  The 2011 winter/spring Facebook ad campaign launched the first week of January and ended the weekend after General Conference weekend in April.  During that time, 44 unique ads were ran for the following websites or content: I-am-an-ex-Mormon.com, MormonThink.com, MormonHandbook.com, LifeAfterMormonism.net, PostMormon.org, ExmormonFoundation.org, MormonStories.org, and PureMormonism.blogspot.com.  If any of you were first directed to these sites and content from one of these FB ads, we'd love to hear your story and what difference these efforts are making in your life.  Below are the stats for the whole ad campaign from January 1st through April 10th:


Total ad impressions (number of times ads were displayed):


Total Clicks:


Average CTR (click-through-rate, clicks/impressions):


Average Cost per Click:


Average Cost per Mil (per 1000 ads):


Total Spent:


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Awesome. I never saw these ads, but I'm curious how you directed them. Like what keywords you used to direct them to Facebook users, and perhaps how many users were in the pool of possible targets once you set the key words.
Most of the ads targeted 750,000+ people who "Liked" any one of a variety of LDS topics or Facebook Pages that lived in the US, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa (some ads also ran in some Latin-American countries and other countries in Europe).
I did get some replies to the MormonThink website from the ads.  Most people don't say how they found us though.  Also, did get a couple TBMs that insisted I take the ads down.   Overall, I thought it was great.  Traffic went way up on MT and the traffic has pretty much remained noticeably higher even though the ads went away.  Well done and money well spent!

tell the TBS with a smile, "no".  Will they take their rattled TBM ads down.    Quid pro quo.



Micah -- are you still soliciting funds to continue to run these ads?

Not at this time, but when the campaign goes back online, we likely will at that time.  The link is still up on ExmormonFoundation.org to donate though.

     Perhaps we might consider going to Amazon.com via the oink we see on www.lifeaftermormonism.net.  My understanding, and if I am in err please correct me Mike, we can assist by our purchases on Amazon, linking through here.  We will be making them anyhow, lets do so in a fashion that could very well benefir our group as a whole.   




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