I recently became aware of an LDS bishop who drinks a pot of coffee a day but was still called to be the bishop and still hasn't broken his "addiction".  Maybe this is evidence of just how hard core I was as a mormon, but I thought word of wisdom violations would make you unworthy to serve in most capacities.  Perhaps coffee is easier to let slide than a wine or alcohol drinking bishop.  It surprised me to learn this but also gave me some hope that maybe the LDS church is allowing for more compassion, acceptance and mainstreaming of it's membership.  Is this a rare exception, or has anyone else heard of such changes?

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I think you make a good point. They may have finally realized that their adherence to the Word of Wisdom is full of holes.  I don't know of any bishops who drank coffee, but I know my father, a convert had very few faults, but kept a locked trunk that smelled a lot like coffee.  He also travelled a lot, so I'm sure he never quite gave it up.  I do remember having lunch with a Bishop who ordered a Pepsi and at that time being very surprised. I also remember going to another religions meeting where they served coffee and at the time it just seemed so odd to me that they were having a Bible study and drinking coffee. At the time, it was akin to holding a Bible study while getting drunk at the bar. Funny to think about now.

Over the years I did hear of Bishops who were well remembered for their cursing.

Devil Bar

Depends on where he lives. Southern Utah is more "liberal" they love a rebellious leader..

lmao, I like the way you put things Mindy.


This Bishop is in Utah County ("happy valley").  But the city he's in is considered the more liberal side of Utah County.

The church just released a statement on the 2nd of Sept in the Ogden Standard, clarifying their position on anything with caffeine... they blame the media for incorrectly stating that their members can't drink caffeine, this was in response to the NBC News hourlong special on Mormonism that stated that mormons don't drink caffeine, I do believe they are changing their stance on this issue so that the outside world doesn't see them for the weird controlling cult they are... which to me means anything with caffeine, whether hot or cold... does this surprise anyone?? My ward president drank hot cocoa every single night before bed, and I was always told according to the word of crappy wisdom to Not drink ANYTHING with caffeine!... when the world is breathing down your throat because of Mitt (good old Mitt for show casing the religion, I say this cuz it is a good thing, so many steer clear when they research what the mormons really are, so thank you Mitt & the internet of knowledge) The church will change their stance on some things to lure them in... I'm sure we will see more of "We just want to clarify" statements from the church leaders...


I can't believe the church has changed on lds.org to call our Sacrament Meeting Times into "Worship Services".

For me I never heard of any drinking word of wisdom stuff, but I did get tired of the different punishments from many different bishops on the same "sin".  Some range from a slap on the wrist to 6 months of no taking the sacrament.  This idea of leaving the punishment to the bishops discretion is ludicrous and very painful/confusing to a TBM.  Now I'm pretty sure that they really are just "trying" to be inspired. 

It's my view that the church will do whatever it will have to do in order to survive as a religion.  Church history is riddled with that, more recently the teaching that to have homosexual thougths is evil and makes you sinful, has changed into saying "hey your gay thoughts arent a sin at all. just dont act on them and you can be openly gay and serve in the temple etc."  What a change.  And I dont even want to go over the "Mircale of Forgiveness" book.



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