A friend who is a TBM said that she was sad, that as a Christian in "her church" which bears the name of Jesus Christ they do not have a service on Christmas Day itself unless it falls on a Sunday and then it was very low key.  

I gave it some thought and could not remember ever in all the years as a member attending a special Christmas service - unless it fell on a Sunday - and then it was like any other normal Sunday meeting.

Why do you think a Christian church would not celebrate the birth of someone they say is the cornerstone of their religion?

Just a thought...


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It seems to be all about maintaining the same dull order week after week, regardless of what weekend or holiday is around.

What is not emotional about Fast and Testimony meeting?

Jesus was not born on Dec 25 but in the spring on June 6 the day the church was organized, How convenient, Therefore the church celebrates the holiday but do not make a big deal of Dec 25 or June 6. I remember having to deliver a message to the Bishop of one of the Spanish Wards in Toronto. When I entered, the chapel during a sacrament meeting close to Christmas there was Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus and the rest of the cast walking up the isle to the stand. I thought, Boy the brotheren in SL would flip out if they were here.


My new church really has some nice things for Christmas. There, I think, five of weeks in Advent.

The first week they present a live tree to the congregation by moving it through the chapel while people sing.

The second week the tree has had lights put on it and everyone comes forward during the service and places an ornament

on the tree. The pastor admits that much of the season is pagan but explains the symbolism that connects it to Christ.

The third Sunday more ornaments are added and presents for the poor are brought in.

There is a nativity scene that is added to each week by the children.

There are five candles and one more is lighted each week until all five are lighted. The last is the Christ candle.

Christmas Eve there is a meeting where everyone holds a lighted candle and sings. Very pretty.

We must have three trees in the building all lighted and decorated. Gifts for poor children are piled up.


I know that this would be frowned on by any GA in Mormon-land as having fun and enjoying life.

I remember that if it was not boring it was not spiritual.

So have a really fun, lively, lighted, laughing, loving, joy filled Christmas unless you are still an active morgite.

If you are an agnostic then just get loaded and try to ignore the whole damned thing.




Gene I really enjoyed your posting!

Yes, I too am enjoying the whole "Advent" procedure which took me a while to cotton on to after I left TSCC 

The gift giving to the poor is the part I see as the most important - knowing that there will be many glad hearts on receiving these gifts. I love being a part of this time of giving.

Sad though that sometimes it takes Christmas for people to be generous and the rest of the year generosity is absent.

About the December 25th bit - I think most people recognise this but it's still good to be part of the "old old story" at this time of the year - especially when one experiences the goodwill around at the time.


In my church we celebrate Smithmas on Smithmas.


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