This has been on my mind quite a bit, lately. It intrigues me to ponder why some ex-members abandon religion entirely, while others seek out a different world religion (of the many, many non-Christian philosophies out there), and others simply latch on to a different branch of Christianity. What do you think is the key which determines that selection, being that all of us came out of the same faith? Any insights or thoughts?

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Me thinks that after being so deeply entrenched in the lds machine it is very diffiCULT to trust any religion ever again. Cold hard facts are more important after exiting mormonism, which sold the warm feelings of cognitive dissonance. Faith does not have tangible facts. 

I'm with KindSmile. It could be tough to trust religion due to being so deep into the LDS church. I have a friend who left (some months before I did) and said that she tried to find another church to belong to but their beliefs did not match the beliefs "installed" within her through the LDS church. She's an atheist now.

I felt the same way as she did after leaving LDS. I was scared because for twelve years it had been engrained in my brain that every other church besides LDS was wrong, wrong, WRONG! I considered going to a Non-Denomination church, but I'm wading in agnostic territory right now (if you'd want to put a label on it). I just like being spiritual, and I don't need religion to believe in an existence of a Higher Being.

This is actually something I've been thinking about lately as well. I agree with what the others have said, about how it is difficult to not apply the poor experiences of the LDS church to religion in general. If pursing religion is still an interest, I would think an important aspect is to re-frame what you believe God and faith is. There is blind-faith, which is what I saw in the church a lot, people following without really thinking. But there is also faith were the you can ask questions, explore, and doubt before accepting. When it comes to how to view God, I think it's different for everyone. Personally, I'm trying to piece together what I believe, and also why I believe it. Overall, after being so uncomfortable in a church, I'm sure people are just trying to find a place/lifestyle that they can be happy and comfortable in. 

It is difficult to trust another person (or organization)  to tell you what you have to believe. Growing up in Utah, the Lds church was my life.

I went to another Christian church a long time before I joined.  Now I'm back in the same boat and can't force myself to believe everything.  The concept of the Trinity is all about faith and that seems closely related to the Lds warm feeling (and that's supposed to mean it is true). I suppose we may be always seeking for a spirituality and that is why some may keep searching.  Whatever an ex Mormon chooses, will they ever fully believe the next religion they get into? Perhaps the fear of death keeps us searching for a god.


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