I only got one calling the entire 1.5 years I was a member. I was Ward Missonary. Speciffically I had to wash the baptismal garments and orginze the closets the garments went into. I lack orginazional skills. So imagine my surpise when  I was approched about doing this, Told my ex hubby about it. He laughed and said something like"They don't know you very well then do they?" I was so glad when I left that ward and was able to turn in the building keys that granted me access to the building and closets.

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Not sure I ever had a calling I "hated", but I did dislike having to prepare lessons every other week as a primary teacher.  I enjoyed being in nursery much more though, as I didn't have to do anything, nor get bored to death by sunday school or priesthood lessons.

I think I would of had a blast in nursery. My daughter always had fun in nursery.

I just hated all the stuff the young men had to do. If ever manual labor was needed in Zion we got the call. Cleaning up the chapel sucked too. Why have 150 sacrament programs if no one reads them and just leaves them on the floor?

I always kept the programs. I usually kept them for reference to phone numbers I needed. I guess my wards always did the cleaning diffrently Nicholas. My first ward would ask groups of families to clean the chapel after services, and my 2nd and 3rd wards had rotating schedules since we shared the stake buildings with mulitple wards. I remember in my 2nd ward when the RS in my ward had to clean the stake buildinng. There were about 6 of us ladies and some of the kids. We were there about three hours cleaning.

Part of it was surprise on how dirty it got. I would think people would not want to leave God's house such a mess.

Nicholas, in my blog I mention my ex husband's calling. He had to make sure all the cleaning supplies were there and make sure the bathrooms were stocked and the trash had been taken out. The last ward of the day was always forrgeting to take the women's trash out, I swear the smell of day old diapers and sanitary pads always made me gag. That job usually fell to me cause we always went to check on Monday mornings while the ladies in the family research center were there and he didn't want to accidently walk in on them.



During the period I was in the Mormon Church, I came to a point where I felt suicidal. They wanted me to just obey, no matter how I felt. They didn't care if I felt really bad about myself. They forced me to be a Ward Historian when all I wanted to do was to be a Primary teacher and be with kids. I used to plead my leaders every sunday, but they had no heart. All this happened just because I told my Bishop that a kid in our Nurserey was showing simpthoms of autism and that I felt very sad for this child and for his parents. I just wanted to help the family and they punished me for that.

I taught 4 classes of young people that I disliked because I'm not a good teacher.  Bishops don't care.  "We need teachers."

Disliked being a missionary for the same reason, but the most disliked calling was paring with a missionary later in life when I was questioning the church.  I never bore my testimony or prayed because it would have been a lie.  Most uncomfortable.

Finally, I told the bishop I couldn't go anymore and he "challenged" me to get my testimony back and go.  I just told him I was no longer a child and 'challenging' me would not work. I think that was the first calling I refused.

Never really hated a calling, but I really disliked being the VT coordinator. After serving as 1st counselor in RS for two years I was asked (called) to this position. They thought I would be inspired to know who should visit who. I already knew no one wanted to do their VT, myself included. These women were stubborn, unwilling to change and basically told me they aren't doing it anymore, which I respected.... I wasn't doing mine either. 75% of the women worked, the other 25% were retired. It is such an unnecessary guilt producing program.
Camp director at age 21. Newly married, very TBM, and working hard to be the perfect wife. Sounds ok so far however, as a young woman ~~ I went to girls camp a total of 2 times.. 2... That's it. Neither time was in Utah the capitol of creativity and girls camp traditions ... I had NO CLUE what I was doing, and just looked very stupid when the yw presidency actually did all the planning .. I just did all the grunt work ... talk about a self esteem buster ...
So now that Im thinking about it, there is a worse calling. The one where I was again, the 21 year old newly married wife of (in order) ... The 1st councilor in the elders quorum, president of the elders quorum, young men's president (3 weeks after staring in a new ward), 2nd counselor in the bishopric, scout something, & stake young men's president....oh and the daughter of the most active parents in the world....a dad who was also always gone at church ... The Mormon church takes, and takes, and takes...and then when there is hard ships just pray and pay ... Go to the temple ... Tell the questioning wife, we just don't know those answer for sure ... my answer was ... SEE YOU....

My mother was ward activities director for a few years. I hated that because, as with anything, the older kids were the ones doing the work while she 'directed'.  We had to cook the night before, come hours early to clean wherever the activity was going to be, then set up (in dresses) the tables, chairs, decorations, etc, then not-cook the food to get it hot (even though there was a full kitchen in the building, we weren't allowed to turn on the stove or oven), set up the cold stuff, do the buffet tables and keep them full during the activity, then stay very late to tear down and clean up after. The bishopric never provided enough money and we were always buying out of pocket, especially for things like ziplock bags that we would hide every time, but someone would always find and leave them out while our back was turned for everyone to take home enough left overs for a full family meal.


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