I enjoy and agree with this student's observation.  At least he admitted the truth of the situation.

From the BYU Universe: http://universe.byu.edu/node/10417

Viewpoint: Defending Proposition 8 — It’s time to admit the reasons Tue, 09/07/2010 - 00:35


Perry v. Schwarzenegger, the recent United States District Court case that overturned Proposition 8, highlighted a disturbing inconsistency in the pro-Prop 8 camp.

The arguments put forth so aggressively by the Protect Marriage coalition and by LDS church leaders at all levels of church organization during the campaign were noticeably absent from the proceedings of the trial. This discrepancy between the arguments in favor of Proposition 8 presented to voters and the arguments presented in court shows that at some point, proponents of Prop 8 stopped believing in their purported rational and non-religious arguments for the amendment.

Claims that defeat of Prop 8 would force religious organizations to recognize homosexual marriages and perform such marriages in their privately owned facilities, including LDS temples, were never mentioned in court. Similarly, the defense was unable to find a single expert witness willing to testify that state-recognized homosexual marriage would lead to forcing religious adoption agencies to allow homosexual parents to adopt children or that children would be required to learn about homosexual marriage in school.

Four of the proponents’ six expert witnesses who may have been planning on testifying to these points withdrew as witnesses on the first day of the trial. Why did they go and why did no one step up to replace them? Perhaps it is because they knew that their arguments would suffer much the same fate as those of David Blankenhorn and Kenneth Miller, the two expert witnesses who did agree to testify.

Judge Vaughn Walker, who heard the case, spent 11 pages of his 138-page decision meticulously tearing down every argument advanced by Blankenhorn before concluding that his testimony was “unreliable and entitled to essentially no weight.” Miller suffered similar censure after it was shown that he was unfamiliar with even basic sources on the subject in which he sought to testify as an expert.

The court was left with lopsided, persuasive testimony leading to the conclusion that Proposition 8 was not in the interest of the state and was discriminatory against gays and lesbians. Walker’s decision is a must-read for anyone who is yet to be convinced of this opinion. The question remains that if proponents of Prop 8 were both unwilling and unable to support even one rational argument in favor of the amendment in court, why did they seek to present their arguments as rational during the campaign?

It is time for LDS supporters of Prop 8 to be honest about their reasons for supporting the amendment. It’s not about adoption rights, or the first amendment or tradition. These arguments were not found worthy of the standards for finding facts set up by our judicial system. The real reason is that a man who most of us believe is a prophet of God told us to support the amendment. We must accept this explanation, along with all its consequences for good or ill on our own relationship with God and his children here on earth. Maybe then we will stop thoughtlessly spouting reasons that are offensive to gays and lesbians and indefensible to those not of our faith.

Cary Crall is a senior from Temecula, Calif., majoring in neuroscience and minoring in mathematics. He loves the Great Gatsby and wearing suspenders.

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Thanks for sharing this, Micah. and hey, when is the site with the new URL going to be up and running?
It's already up and going, else you wouldn't have been able to visit just now as the old domain already gave up the ghost.
You can send a letter to thank Cary on his facebook profile here: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=17813291
Just sent him a thank you note. I wonder if he'll get into any trouble over this? That letter took a LOT of guts.
He sent me a thank you note saying all of the feedback has been positive, other than BYU removing the article.
BYU has since pulled the letter. And they didn't even publish the whole letter in the first place. Here's what they edited out:

"This is a privately held religious belief that we are using to support legislation that takes away a right from a minority group. If our government were to enact legislation based solely on such beliefs, it would set a dangerous precedent, possibly even more so than allowing a homosexual to marry the person he or she loves."

See http://usu-shaft.com/2010/byu-censors-letter-to-the-editor-critical-of-prop-8/
I can remember segregation in the South when I was younger. Churches, groups and people that wore sheets with little eye holes cut out are silly. These groups are correctly lumped into a trash bag that needs to be thrown out. The LDS Church is lurching down that road as well. I already view them in a family portrait with George Wallace and other Segregationalist folks. The LDS style were the group that turned the water hoses on people, and I will always remember that.

Sorry, Salt Lake was wrong in Prop 8, and they have to take credit for it. They will wear it like an anchor around their necks for a long time. They were more than wrong, they were willing to sacrifice their members and others in their unsuccessful attempt. Keep tipping those windmills Don, ...I mean Salt Lake.

Don in Vegas
Of course they pulled Crall's letter.

Everyone knows its better for children to be adopted by abusive heterosexual parents than by non-abusive homos.

And why wouldn't keeping gays from marrying trump other less important issues (disaster relief, the economy, poverty, world hunger, education)

Stopping those gays is number one on the list. They ruin everything. God said so.
Wow, regardless of what God or pile of noodles this guy prays to he gets my respect for at least being honest enough to thoughtfully and honestly articulate his position.
I sent him a facebook message to say thanks for that letter. It was really great, and the world needs more like him.
I sent him a facebook kudos, too and he wrote back saying thanks and that the response was overwhelmingly positive, but he couldn't understand what resonated with people so removed from BYU. I was a bit incredulous at his naivete, but then realized that he goes to BYU. I wonder if this will be an eyeopener for him.
Does anyone have the original text? That page is no longer available at the BYU site.


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