BYU paper calls for the church to admit it error and embrace gays!

This is a beautiful article. In the interest of full disclosure, it was written by my nephew. But I think you'll agree that is exactly the way we hope to see today's young Mormons speaking and reasoning! 

There's hope!

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The gay issue will be even worse for the church than the black issue, because in 1978 there was no such thing as the internet--where a single person can instantly share their ideas with millions of other people, thousands of miles away. The church can't get away with the same kind of bigotry they used to. Their feet will be held to the fire, every time one of them makes some kind of ill-thought-out statement.

That is a nice letter but wwhy do we Care what the church thinks? They are wrong. End of story. The use the term of marriage as if it only refers to a union of a man and a women, but we use the term daily in other maters . When Sears Robuk and Simpson's mearged it was a marrage of two compnies, When the New Testiment and Old testiment were joined to make the Bible it was a marrage of ideas.. So why not use the term when two peole of the same sex form a union/

I would venture to say that we care what the Mormon church thinks because their policies are destructive. The sooner they abandon the magical thinking that amputates the free will of Mormons and their children and poisons lives, maybe the vast hole left behind can be filled with a church with a more humanitarian mission. 

I'm an atheist and would prefer a religion-free world but I don't think that will be accomplished in a single leap. If the BYU students agitate for the church to embrace the LGBT community, I think the Old Prunes would have a timely "revelation" before they let their, darling, Chosen Generation, the BYU students, make the Church look bad. 

As part of the LGBT community, I concur. Unfortunately, those who are in office, right now, are traditionalists. Because of that, they will stay stubborn and rooted to their ideas of "Gay thinking and acting are Vile and Unclean."


Just as ingle92protege said, it'll take another 50+ years until they accept us. By then, those traditionalists will be dead, and they'll have people who know and, in some cases, respect us on the stand.

Dont you think though, that to accept homosexuality for what it really is--a natural occurence in many species--the Church Authorities would have to take an entirely new approach to truth and how it is attained? 

It seems to me that accepting homosexuality as natural would require admiting that some prophesies were wrong.  And more importantly, it require admitting that we know they are wrong because science demonstrates it.  This sort of admission is very, very dangerous for the Church.  It would ultimately eliminate any stand upon which the next generation of religious leaders could perch.  No Prophesy, no power.

By the way there is a great book by Bruce Bagemihl called Biological Exuberence:  Animal Homosexuality and Natural Diversity.  I cant get the link to work, but you can easily find it on Amazon, if you havent already read it.

I already have the book.


If you take the Mormon's whole outlook on Blacks, you'll find that they will say that those who are black, and convert, will become white in the end. It will most likely end up the same with the LGBT. They'll just say that those who convert, will become more and more straight, clean, and pure as time goes by.


This tactic is one of the more likely outcomes for when they do accept me and all the others, that we are what we are because of genetics and the like.

You both bring up good points. It will be interesting to see what happens.

Religions do have an amazing ability to erase their past psitions. And the colective memory adapts, because believers want to believe. It seems that some people's need to belong trumps their need to be intellectually honest.

It personally would anger me that churches could humilate certain human beings, breakup families, shun members of a community, psychologically torture young gay children...and then receive a revelation and do a sly propaganda campaign...and keep collecting that 10%!

I guess if a person has already been primed to believe in virgin births and flying angels surrounded by light delivering special messages from an omnipotent being in outer space, because God has "chosen you" (you are so much more special than those Chinese Buddhists!)... then, that person can pretty much believe anything an authority figure tells her...

Great article!  I am passing it along.


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