There has been some discussions under Roth's Blog "X the "ex" prefix.." in regards to what this new community should become. I would like this discusion to be your ideas of what you would like this community to be for you. There is no one right answer but together we can probably come together with a pretty comprehensive plan for a community unlike most of the existing ones out there. You may want to read Roth's blog first just to see what has been opined so far. Don't worry if you don't think your ideas are anygood. I want to hear any and all ideas. I would also like feedback on what you like so far or what could be done better, different, or done away with.

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New Life is such a positive reinforcement and the word "EX" or "X" has a possibly much more negative connotation. Almost starting down the angry path of being an anti-LDS site or something like that. I am already sure you want the least amount of that perhaps greater unfortunate perception by your many visitors so please consider this a heads-up on the possibility to consider something along the lines of a much more neutral word choice like UN-Mormon, Past-Mormon or Post-Mormon. Incorporating the same use of more progressive word usage in both your opening vision statement and mission objectives could suffice in dispelling some of those same worries.

Thanks for the feedback. I'll experiment with that and see how I can improve both the naming and vision statement.
I like it just the way it is...
Good to know. What would your preferred title for the site be?
Joesph's myth has a point, I like "life beyond mormonism", although it reminds me of death and the celestial kingdom. Ultimatly does it really matter? I dont think it does.


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