Im currently listening to the book UNDER THE BANNER OF HEAVEN... At one point yesterday I was just pissed off. Listening to the re-telling of the destruction of Mr. Laws printing press and the fact that Joseph Smith wanted to have his wife too was sort of eye opening. I think I new some of that stuff, but then I was thinking back to when I went to the JS Building is SLC a few years back. (as a TBM) We watched the movie about Joseph Smith .. I remember them portraying the destruction of the printing press and then some pages of the book of mormon as though it was everyone elses fault .. I feel duped .. I've never felt that way since leaving the church. I'm pissed that I shed one tear while watching that movie...What a lie!

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I'm there with ya.  It is so hilarious to think that I accepted the "faith promoting stories" without any question.  After all, why would the only true church, that constantly preaches honesty and integrity, lie to me.

I'll be lol'ing until my grave, and maybe even beyond that.


People would gather around the La'ie Temple at night.  When the "light of Christ" passed over thew window people would cry, fall to their knees and thank God for their testimonies of the Book of Mormon.  

  Dumb Sum Bitches...suckers....  It was the flashlight passing over the windows as the SECURITY GUARD made his rounds.  And the Bishops and Stake President made sure that these people did not know what was actually going on because it bolstered their testimonies.  


Yeah, there is definitely plenty of upsetting stuff that we were mislead about or not taught at all regarding LDS origins and history.  Glad I'm out now and don't have to live under that guise.

That's a good book that is very informative about those small details the modern LDS church works very hard to hide.

Another EXCELLENT resource is Martha Beck's "Leaving the Saints." Fantastic book and it hit home hard for me. My ex-uncle, who was the epitome of a lazy, lying, SOB that used the Church for a lot of deceit and theft of a lot more than money, always made his claim to fame that he was tight with Hugh Nibley. Once I read Martha's story I believed every single word of it and distanced myself as far as I could with all things LDS.

Martha Beck has the scars to prove the evil that is well hidden in that corporation of lies!

Started reading it this weekend. Shocker about her dad ... The great Hugh Nibley ... I grew up hearing my parents speak of him frequently ... Thanks for the suggestion ...

Cool! You won't be sorry you read it. If I remember correctly she refers to a lot of church history too. She's an amazing writer and I identified with her so well. She put so many things into words that I cannot.

I was at BYU during the time she describes leaving BYU as a professor. I remember a few rumblings of outspoken professors who were dismissed, etc. I remember thinking that they had to be brave and confident in who they were to confront such a force as the LDS church. I had no concept then of what they were really doing.

One thing she describes in how this super righteous man (Nibly) was capable of crank out numerous kids, but could not raise them. I was in awe that her older siblings came to the determination that they had to take responsibility for their younger siblings because their parents were incompetent. Isn't that wrong? Is that what the church teaches?? NO, but I saw that scenario in several forms over the years. Super righteous parent(s) who were just too wise and important in the eyes of the church to do such menial things as the laundry, pay the bills, raise the kids, make their own money....disgusting! But all justified by doing "the lord's work!"

I'll stop, I could go on for pages. Enjoy the book!

The Joseph Smith movie was a big undoing for me as well!  I remember going to see it years ago with my roommate at the time. I was struggling with the church and what I believed and that movie really touched me. I thought I felt the "spirit".  Not too long after that, however, I learned about how he actually was and I was beyond angry!  I felt misled and betrayed, they used my own emotions against me to sell me a blatant lie! And they knew it! If there was any doubt in my mind that the LDS church wasn't true, it was solidified after that realization.  

We are given the "opportunity meeting", we see the reality and the disparity can be a difficult thing.  They are liars, they are creating this load of sht information for their own benefit and not yours.



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