Can someone please explain how the LDS dismiss the DNA evidence against the BOM. It seems like there's an apologetic movie for the LDS in regards to this issue that explains how the DNA isn't reliable or something like that. But how do the LDS counter this argument? Anyone know? 

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It all goes back to the "burning in the bosom". Don't question the "holy ghost". End of story.  That's how they explain/dismiss everything. I say these things in the name of the Jesus Smith, Amen.

I am not a DNA expert and neither are 99% of the members. They get a professor in DNA to give a counter argument that the general population can not refute because they do not know anything about the subject. Because it comes from an acredible BYU professor they buy it. They also say that the DNA has been mixed and also  to have faith as they just have not found it yet. Just like Jesus has not come back yet and the members but it.


They try to say that it would be impossible to refute it based on DNA because we don't have enough evidence and with all the people of different origins there at the time the amount of DNA evidence at the time for Hebrews would be too difficult to come by.

Working backwards is the strategy of apologists.  Instead of finding evidence coming up with reasons why there is no evidence.  Or saying there are tiny scraps of evidence but it won't satisfy people unless they already have faith to begin with.

Thanks everyone for the responses. It would probably make more sense for me to ask an LDS person about this, however, it's easier to just ask you guys.

Okay I realize this is an old post, but I am also a member of À I think the LDS church owns that also,(I could be wrong). but that Site encourages you to get a DNA test. If they dont't think they are reliable, why encourage DNA tests? Oh, maybe for the money!!!


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