Did any of you have a bishop that would not let you resign from the church? I sent my resignation letter to SLC 6 weeks ago right. I got a letter 5 weeks ago saying they were forwarding it to my bishop and stake pres. but no word or letter at all. What should I do? I heard from an online talk show that I could call SLC and threaten legal action or the press and they will call my bishop to get him to do what I want but that seems pretty extreme if I can't follow through with that legal action. Its just hard because me not having my name removed has kept me from progressing.

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Call the church office membership records division. I'm not sure of the number but I think it can be found online by googling it. It might also be productive for you to call your bishop.
I've been doing this (helping people leave that is) for a damn long time, so I have some info on file, LOL. call Greg Dodge in Membership Records @ 801.240.2053

Be firm, but no need to be an ass (they have hundreds to process), tell them you sent it in to them however long ago, your bishop has apparently refused to do anything, as far as you can tell, and you will be having your attorney contact them if you do not get your letter in the next 30 days. They will handle it. Almost always that one phone call greases the wheel.

Greg is a decent enough fellow, from what I understand. He's in charge of this department and is stuck doing exactly what protocol says he must. He'd probably send us all our letters pronto if he were allowed. But he is taught that the Bishop does have authority over you.......LOL
Ok thank you. I am off tomorrow so I will call him for sure.
Let us know how it goes.


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