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‎"The truth doesn't need me to believe it. The truth simply is, and it survives --believe it or not. Lies need me to believe them. If I don't believe lies, they don't survive my skepticism, and they simply disappear."

- Don Miguel Ruiz

Did you all have a good week?  Yes or no, make time to relax and laugh this weekend.  See you over on LAM!

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  2. Satan is a cop-out - posted by annammc
  3. What was YOUR biggest SHOCKER..... - posted by Enlightened

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  1. Colbert Report: Yaweh or No Way? - Mormons & God's Poll Numbers - don't miss this hilarious presentation!
  2. Morphing ferrofluids - cool formations played to music
  3. How to Resign from the Mormon Church - in case you needed a video guide

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14 new members this week.  Please welcome them.

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Did you know that LAM has a 24/7 instant chat room which you can often find a few of us chatting about whatever?  If you haven't visited chat, you may be missing out on one of the most popular areas of the site.  Feel free to stop by anytime.



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