'In this wonderfully intimate public session, Katie supports the inquiry of a gay man into his beliefs about himself and those around him. My mom once said ... the biggest disappointment would be if one of my children were gay. Katie: And who believed it?

This video makes it startlingly clear what happens when we believe our stressful thoughts and how, in all innocence, we create our own confusion. The young man doing The Work with Katie shows remarkable courage and openness of heart and can be an example for all of us, showing us what it means to go deeply inside and discover the truths that set us free':



Whether gay or not... This is powerful stuff!

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Creativebliss!  I was there!

Yes, I was on the front row about 10 feet away!!!

The conference was in Salt Lake City last February, so there were Mormons former Mormons there that watched this. Everyone fell in love with this guy.


It says you live in Norway is that true?  (LOL is that true...get it)

Keep watching her videos. The work has changed my life!!!!

Boy, the world sure keeps getting smaller.

A new study finds sexual orientation and gender conforming traits in women are genetic:


Interesting article.  Thanks for the link.
Dodgy statistics! You must be a bit sad, as you watch Fox TV all day! Glenn Beck is toast, so time to move on!!
Bar, correct me if I am wrong, but aren't you just stereotyping? Media usually goes with stereotypes as a rule, so not the best source of information I'd think. Try something a little closer to home.


The majority of my gay friends are in a partnership of which one had an opposite sex partner pevious, and had children.They may have been in a mixed relationship only because society told them that it was the proper thing to do. Most relationships have a dominate partner just the same as the straight population. Sexually most people like to experiment and spice up their relationship unless inhibited by the guilt religion places on them. So if one is a butch and the other a cowboy so what..Whether one wishes to cross dress or get tatoos, go ahead. Don't forget their are cross dressers in mixed relationshios as well. We have a university proffessor married with children who is a cross dresser. I do not know if he dresses at school but I have seen him on the street. And I am sure that there is a man out there that loves it when his female wife puts on her strap on. We do not have to understand it except to relate to the feeling of attraction that one person has to another. I am not gay and I am not phisically attraced to gays ...well.. unless.. maybe .. if it was a female. lol

Think you are all very screwed up about this subject! Try and get real!

So, what do you mean when you say real.. and can you define try and get while you are at it.    And what do you mean by you all and screwed?


You really leave too much room for inference here.  As a favor to us less knowledgeable people would you be more specific?



Brilliant! If I ever write my autobiography, all will be revealed. Thanks!

Hey Dan,

You look pretty cute in that photo! No one to share my bed with tonight, but I'll fall asleep dreaming of you!

Only if  you stay on your side - lol


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