Baptism for the Dead (Part I): Will the Mormon Church Baptize You After You Die?

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Good question. So if I resign and die as they predict from the lightning bolt, since I am no longer a member, I guess they could re-temple me. Great. So you can never leave. Sheeesh.

Troyboy, Enjoyed your response!

Not sure, but I do know you are considered to have all ordinances nullified when you leave.

When I left Mormonism officially, they sent over 2 representatives to tell me that simply choosing to leave Mormonism (even though I was simply leaving for another Christian religion) nullifies all ordinances, and means I could only reenter through the waters of baptism, as they put it. The Methodists I joined with said they are silly and can't choose who the ordinance counts for and who it doesn't...that's why God said not to judge others, specifically covering religious/eternal judgments.

So, here's the great irony that I am now in... Mormons do not officially recognize my Mormon baptism anymore, but Methodists do recognize my Mormon baptism!

Butsam, Yes, I know it makes no sense. The Catholic church also recognizes Mormon baptisms--at least the ones in San Antonio. I found that out when I was attending St. Mary's University, although I wasn't catholic.

My Aunts wanted to do this baptism thing with my mom who past away in 1999 and they have not spoke to me again ... I laughed at them .. please ... My mother was the most Godly person I have ever known... Non-Mormon ... Never once did I think she was ... not in heaven... But they want me to believe some man or group of humans are going to over ride Gods judgment and make him pick were some one is going to go after they are alrady there... Man has not the power of God and that is a good thing... They can do as they want.. but in the end ... No human is going to change my mom and  Gods relationship...

Or my and Gods relationship... I went to a real  Catholic church for years as a kid.. Not one I have ever walked in to has ever said that the Mormon's had a real church... they are just mislead...(never been a full member of a church) I believe region is a sin when it pits Gods children ageist each other.. Father Tom called that being non-denominational and that as long as God and I ...were good with it.. he saw no problem with my type of faith... I was always welcome in that church and many others even Jewish Synagogue where welcoming ... I have walked in to  many denomination.. But was not treated warmly by the Mormon church or Jehovah's Witnesses church....

See I moved around a lot when I was young and I just walked into what ever church was around when I felt the need to pray or be around Christians... Eye opening... there are faith that love all Gods children and treat all with respect of the person and beliefs and others who say think and believe as I or you are not worthy of heaven... Please.. My God and his bible ..teaches that our heavenly father loves his children .. all of his children.. not just the ones who claim to be right.. not sure what book they read... but think they need a re-read... all by them self and let God not man to them..

I would think the protocol would be the same for any other baptism for the dead- that a family member is SUPPOSED to put in the information and request the ordinance done. Doesn't mean it always goes down like that though. (For example, the controversy over Anne Frank being baptized in the Mormon Church several times and not by family members). According to their own doctrine though even IF they did it we could decide to accept or reject that ordinance [again]. I'm not too worried about it. If they want to do proxy work for me, fine. But it doesn't really determine God's judgement on me. I believe His judgement will be on my merits (and shortcomings) and accepting His grace.

Does it really matter?

If Joseph Smith was a real prophet and the church is really 'true' I would be worrying about the ordinances done after my death......... but because I know JS was a big fraud and everything that followed from then on was based on lies and a load of hogwash - it really does not matter because it 'holds no water'.

For me, it is just as simple as that.

I do realize however it may not be that simple for everyone but it all really rests on the JS story if you come to think about it.

Maybe that is why I have been able to move on without worrying about anything to do with TSCC. Kinda like moving on from the tooth fairy and father christmas ....


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