It's always strange for me when I run into members of my former wards or my LDS friends who don't yet know that I've left. This usually happens at Walmart (love it or hate it...everyone shops there). Sometimes I see folks that I don't know well and they don't speak but it's almost like they are looking at me and thinking "she looks familiar...who is that? oh I know, it's that sweet spirit that's been inactive for a while".


A few months ago I ran into an older man who is super sweet and kinda goofy and was my family's home teacher for several years. He asked me the usual "when are ya coming back to church?". I didn't have the heart to tell this sweet 80 something year old guy that I was no longer a member so I just said "well, maybe I'll show up one day" but wanted to add "yeah right!". My Athiest, never-mo, best friend was with me and was about to crack up laughing. Well, this morning I went to Walmart and wouldn't ya know it, I ran into another member from my old ward who's known me since I was a little girl. She just smiled sweetly to acknowledge me but kept walking. Guess what I was buying??? Coffee, tea, and a bottle of wine! I also threw in a 45 day supply of the Walmart knock-off of Zyrtec for good measure.  I'm sure it was awkward for her but not so much for me. I was buying wine for MANY years before leaving the church.  I used to feel guilty for owning wine glasses but not anymore. Shame on me right?


So, what about you guys? Have you had any Awkward Exmo Moments?

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When I was ready to ditch the G's, I made a special trip to the store to buy real underwear.  Just my luck, a couple from the ward show up and shop in the same section.  I really wanted to get some that day, so I did it on the sly, but I swear, they were around every corner! You know you belong to a cult when you can't even go underwear shopping without wondering about spies!


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