I just finished reading the autobiography of Ann Eliza young entitled "The 19th Wife". I ordered the book from the Utah Lighthouse ministry in SLC. I left the LDS church at age 20, fifty years ago and have read a number of books that criticize their doctrine. The book written by Ann Eliza is important because it is a record of the history of the church from its early years written by someone who was actually there and was not afraid to tell the truth. The book is a little disorganized and rambles but the essence and insight of the times is amazing. There is no doubt that Ann Eliza was a character and the worst nightmare of the early church. She exposes Brigham Young for what he was, some one who used his authority for financial gain, to exploit women, and eliminate enemies with "blood atonement". You wont find these facts in LDS literature.

Even though polygamy has been outlawed, except by the FLDS, there is no doubt that  controlling behavior of peoples lives and subjugating women is still alive and well in the church.

I left the church at a young age and became a Methodist, but I am still cautious about all churches because they tend to become self serving. I do enjoy attending and having the support of a church family in my old age. I was asked to resign from the LDS church after 40 years of inactivity. My cousin and childhood friend became a bishop in the LDS church, he is very self righteous and bigoted and no longer speaks to me.

I suggest adding this book to your reading list, or send one to an LDS friend. Im sure it has been banned by "the authorities."

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Great book ... Read it a few years ago ... And loved it...

I am giving this book to one of my grown children to give her some idea about our family history, not the sanitized version. My kids have never known the lds, only what I have told them.

Thanks for the new reference, looks like an interesting read. Post more if you find any ^_^

Read it years ago, and enjoyed the history it told of church. The history of Young and his wives is one that should be made more public. The woman were exploited as youth and cast out when aged, having servered their sexual duties.


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