Parahamsa Yogananda was from India, and came to the U.S. about 1914. He founded the Self-Realization Fellowship in 1920. He never married. Nobody ever claimed he had secret sex with men or woman. Nobody ever came forward. He lived very spartanly. He never had a house. He lived like a monk. He was a member of the Swami Order in India.

He claimed that Jesus appeared to him in vision, in Encinitas, California, in 1916, and told him to teach the world Kriya Yoga; a breathing and meditation technique that leads, eventually, to self-realization (the yoking of one's soul with God).

He taught reincarnation, and the Law of Karma. He described the Spirit-World. He recounts various miracles in his book "Autobiography of a Yogi".

Again, he was never rich. He slept on a mattress in a small room. He was never known to anger. Nobody ever claimed they had sex with him.  His motivation was NOT sex and money and power; as is the motivation of all religious charlatans.

His teachings were that Krishna was the incarnation of the Father (one of many), and Jesus was the incarnation of the Son. Yogananda did NOT claim to be either the Father or the Son. He claimed to be a simply Yogi (one who has mastered his/her own soul--one who has "yoked" his/her soul with God). He said that God was not too big to see, but too small to see. He said God was the Foundation of all things, what all things are made up, extremely small vibrations that make up all things. Too small for anyone to ever "see".

Many ex-Mormons become Atheists and say: "Because Mormonism is false, then all religions must be equally false". That is based upon emotion ( bitterness ), not upon logic. To reject all religion because Mormonism is false, is not logical but emotional. Mormons believe in the Church not because of logic but because of emotion.

I would encourage all seekers of Truth to read "Autobiography of a Yogi". Available at all libraries and all bookstores.

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Borderline proselyting.  Keep to the house rules.

Into the Light When I realized that Mormonism was fabricated by Joseph Smith to be the only true church there was nothing left, but to reexamine the bible myths to determine their accuracy. After confirming the bible stores had as much divine influence as Aesop’s fables atheism was the only option left standing. It was being born a new with a compassion for life I never knew. Life is fragile lasts while living only and thus is very much more precious. Life is now free from blind obedience and free from the eternal condemnation of disobedience.  I was no  longer subject to religious laws made by the whims of man, but laws that society held in esteem but could be changed with the vote of the majority to uphold the minorities rights. Women were no longer second class citizens subject to the male patriarch. I no longer pity those who do not have the true knowledge of the gospel in their lives; I can accept them fully for who they are without the desire to convert them. It is much easier to help someone find themselves after you have found yourself.

Epicurus- Greek 341-269 BC

Is god willing to prevent evil but not able?
Then he is not omnipotent.
Is he able but willing?
Then he is malevolent.
Is he both able and willing?
Then whence cometh evil?
Is he neither able nor willing?
Then why call him God

  I define religion as a faith in a god that is under the control of an individual or group of men that expect obedience to their laws and will not acknowledge facts that deter from their theology, yes we all have faith or else we would not rise in the morning. The evidences against the concepts of the Jewish/ Christian/Muslim god are factual, excessable and logical. That is why the atheist falls back on the laws of science. Atheists admit that they do not know everything. Everything is open to new discoveries and debate. No priest to condemn you, no patriarchal control over women, no money expected, no precise ceremonies to follow, no articles of special clothing to wear, no demands on your time or recourses, no restrictions on what one should or should not read or debate, a sense of only one race (the human race) and no punishments for not being obedient to the theology. Therefore atheism may be categorized as a believe but it is not a religion.


Doctor Dahesh,

You are an interesting fellow.  I do enjoy your thoughts, but agree with Micah that you seem to be seeking converts.

I'm always suspicious of people who have a movie star like fascination with someone else's life.  Having said that, I also try to show the same respect for other peoples beliefs as they do for mine.  This of course in your case gives me license to challenge your beliefs, just as you challenge mine.  I do enjoy your thoughts, persistence, subservience, and obequious dedication to your prophet.  You are starting to convince me just enough to consider repenting and going back to being a Mormon.  I was always told I would be bishop one day, perhaps it's not too late. If your prophet was real then so was mine.


Devil Bar

IMHO, in a theo related group we must always be mindful of those (not his post mind you) that would seek to convert.  We are a group that in some instances, are very open to that.  when someone developes a conversation on a belief system, shares its origins and follows the thought processes and conversations we used as missionaries, we can recognize it.  We may label it as an attempt to convert.  The larger view must be something other than  a theo message.

To tap at the deleicate glass to hard in a newsgroup in an attempt to see how strong it not good.

I understand your point, but from Mikes position.

People will also try anything to break through the rules quoting past precedent in an unsuccessful attempt to give themself access/credability, thusly destroying what has been built way to easily.  If they wish to create something so strongly they can get a free blog.

People pull things that you must have admin powers to fix...omg, my head rolls and the room spins..



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