Last week there was a link in the Exmormon listserve on Yahoo to an article about the death of Joseph Myth. I tried to post a reply to the comments by Mormon defenders, but couldn't, because I longer have a FaceBook account. At any rate, if you'd like to read the article, I have posted a web page with the link --as well as my intended diatribe to those apologists:


Blind Faith

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You made some very good points, but people tend to cling to beliefs that they fear the consequences of or to what brings them comfort from the fear of death. Fear is a strong motivator. After excepting the hope and glory of eternal life it is hard for most to turn away into the light of knowledge when there may be a faint glow of hope that they can be with their loved ones after death.  One cannot disprove the absence of something that does not exist. Therefore people are willingly caught up in the net of false beliefs.

When the irrational can be supported by some form of random misconstrued evidence the belief takes on a power of its’ own.  So how do we combat ignorance? By education and the hope that people will develop and use  the skills of critical thinking.


Excellent post!

  Oh, if only ----if only I could have read all that BEFORE I entered the waters of baptism in the late 1970" different things could have been. But thankfully I am free of all that hogwash, my biggest challenge only being to know what I know and seeing others still falling for it.

Thank you for putting it all in a nutshell.


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