Are you getting Romney Political Emails? Read this one I just got the other day

I am getting tons of emails from mormons telling me to help bring Mitt to the White House. Im pretty sickened about it. Im not a republican and the only way I think they could have gotten my email address is from the Church. Here is the email below. Im pretty upset at this influx of crap being sent to me. This actually confirms to me that the church is not separate from State...Below is the email.


I am writing you today as both a proud American and as a devoted member of the Church.  I am no longer a young man. The scriptures tell us that in the last days “young men shall see visions and old men shall dream dreams.” I could never have dreamt that in my lifetime I would have such an opportunity that the current election offers to promote gospel principles and to support our inspired constitution! Generations yet to come will read of our fight for the right in 2012 and be amazed at the good that we accomplished.

With only 58 days left until this Presidential election, as a private citizen, I ask that you join me in helping Mitt Romney be our next President.  It is a privilege for me to support such a worthy man for the important office of the President of the United States of America.

I realize that you may have already donated, but ask that you join me in donating again at whatever level you would feel comfortable.

I have attached an invitation to an event on September 17th.  I think it would be wonderful to have a large turnout from our Orange County LDS community.   If you cannot attend, I would encourage you to use the donation form and make any donations possible for you.  The opposition will spare nothing to retain power. This election is a critical juncture for the future of the United States and for the values upon which it was founded to yet endure.

I strongly believe that Mitt Romney is a man of incredible leadership talent, experience and honor.  Please do whatever you can right away to enlist as many other members of the Church in a grassroots efforts to support Mitt Romney at this important crossroad.  I am personally most grateful for any efforts you can make in this regard.  Thank you!

Please take a moment to read the open letter to Mormons from David and Nancy French of Evangelicals for Mitt in the hyperlink below:

Warm regards,

Randall Turner

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I haven't had emails, but facebook is full of his ads.  I did get a call from a campaign volunteer asking for support or donations.  I told them I wasn't voting for him.

Thing that gets me is the deception that they can get away with this. Most are voting for Romney just because he's a Mormon. Another blind man at the gate

Well, I have not received any emails, but I am still voting for Romney. He is white, so he must be right.

May be he will show us how he avoids paying 10% on his gross income and still get a temple recommend.


Katia, you are a racist pig!!!!!!!!! YOu make me sick!!!!!!!!!!!


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