Are the Mormons Trying To Up Their Numbers of POC Right Now or Something?

Last week, an old childhood friend reaches out to me, after I haven't heard from her in months, haven't seen her in years.

We met before either of us were in the Morg. She joined up in high school, I got sucked in after college. She's still in after 20+ years. I left the hive after almost 3 years, about 9 years ago. She knows that I no longer attend, but I haven't told her that I officially resigned or that I am an atheist (not trying to build animosity on that front. There are plenty of other issues between us that have little to nothing to do with the church...For instance...).

I'm sure I'll dribble bits and pieces of mine and CKs relationship at some point, but I'll try to keep this part of the story short.

She has been unemployed and looking for work for several years, particularly since the unfortunate ending to her short-lived Temple Marriage. I was working before I got divorced (non-TBM spouse), lost my job about 6 months after and was only out of work for about 9 months. I have now been employed for over a year and I have been in contact with her via phone, FB, and email throughout this time.

Needless to say, I was flabbergasted when she called me and asked me how long I had been unemployed, if my resume was up to date and if I was interested in getting help finding a job as a receptionist and if I needed financial help. This after I post daily on my FB page about my job, that I love btw. I reiterated this fact and explained that things in my life are going pretty great and the response I got back was "oh".

A little background may suffice here. When I first moved to this neck of the woods and knew that I was going to get kicked out on the streets with my then 5 year old son, after only living here for a couple of months and she being the only other living soul that I knew in this town, I reached out and she thankfully gave my son and I a place to live. Of course, living with her meant being inundated, daily, with Mormon this, LDS that and almost daily visits from elders, sisters, missionaries and other LDS acquaintances. Eventually, we ended up going to church with her every Sunday and within 3 months I was baptized.

It's probably my paranoia playing tricks on me, but despite being old childhood friends (since we were 11, we are now in our 40s), since my Mormon days, I noticed that she rarely does anything out of the mere kindness of her heart. She's either trying to sell me something (she tried to suck me into Amway back in those days, too, but I was not having any of that nonsense and that put a big strain on our relationship) or she wants something (she called me up to invite me out to lunch for my birthday, admitting that I would have to pay because she as "still", she knew THEN that I was working. How does she all of a sudden not know now, eh? I passed on the lunch btw). So all this makes me wonder if she's not offering this favor in hopes that I will be forever grateful for her "help" and thus come back to the "fold".

I mean, seriously, your friend is out of work and has been for over a decade, she's got job leads, but she wants to give them to YOU (even though she knows you already have a job)? Does that even make sense?

Maybe I'm giving her too much credit. Has anyone else noticed an uptick in Mormon outreach, these days, despite being separated from the fold for awhile?

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For me personally I have not had any special visits directly. Maybe because my wife is TBM. When missionaries come over the religious discussions are kept at a minimum. Have not even had a home teacher.Maybe because they know that I am lost , maybe they have heard that I am a biblical scholar graduate since leaving . Or that I am an atheist but no one has approached the subject. And there is no point in trying to reactivate this former bishop. But it is not uncommon for the leadership to have the bishops to look over their records of possible candidates to fellowship back in to the church. It is usually headed up by the priesthood quorum the candidate is associated with along with the relief society if women are involved.



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