LAM has had a gift/souvenir store for a couple years now, but it hasn't resulted in many sales so probably isn't carrying items that interest most of us.  I'm in the process of building a new gift store and would like to brainstorm with all of you on what types of designs and items you would actually buy and use more than just as gag gifts or perhaps more than for just exmo meetups.  Right now we have APOSTATE stamped apparel and paraphernalia (example below).  You can view the old store and get more ideas from there.  Please jump in and share ideas you have or what you would be interested in.

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My brother and I were discussing the Jeezus Mall recently. He came up with a new slogan/mascot for the Temple's Steeple across the street:  Angel Moroni pushing a wheelbarrow piled up with $$$, and his horn on top of the pile ...     This could make a great T-Shirt caricature

I like the shot glasses

A picture of a woman in garments, sweating in hot weather, with six kids standing next to her, and in the next frame, she's wearing shorts and a tank top, sitting next to a pool, sipping ice tea, sans kids.

The apparel, shotglasses, etc could simply have the words "The truth has set me free!"


"I'm free!"

Not  much for tank tops.  Not a moral issue.  Rather, summer dresses, like the one I was wearing when I got into my hammock at the top of the hill, went swaying , fell to to ground, dress up around my neck for I had no underwear on, and the neighbor Mark, watching the whole debacle.

What happened to the Bling? I thought it was coming out last September.

Isn't it a bit much to wear something that just screams something weird?  I mean, it's good enough for me to be out.  It's been decades.  No desire to wear anything weird.  Never did have any desire to spawn until my house was a crap hole.  Life's too short to bog ourselves down by ruining our bodies, wearing garmies, spending 3 hours on Sunday at church, for what?  Anybody here tell me what exactly we learned that made us better than everybody else?  Cause I didn't get much of anything out of it other than say yes to the bishop, and try like hell to save my kids from outer darkness.

I would much rather see (and wear) apparel that declares the positive aspect of my having freed myself from Mormon Prison...or from Mormon chains...or my having burst the Mormon bubble of confinement.  Something that declares that I AM FREE at long last.

I just like the word "paraphernalia."

Ooh.  I am intrigued theduchess.  Duchess, by the way, the name of one of my cousins, no, not LDS, but a screaming fundamentalist who won't talk to me.  Paraphernalia.  What could we wear as non LDS paraphernalia that wouldn't scream I'm in my 20's or 30's.  I'm 2 months shy of my 60's, proud of it, and would love something that would look good on me, but make a statement.  Fashionista ideas anyone?  I look boring most of the time, even though I like the way I look.

Another non intelligent thought for one day:  How many of you slept only in your garmies, because it was too hot to wear jammies or nighties with them?  I'm wracking my brain to remember, it's been that long, but I do remember we always took them totally off for sex, and they stayed off for the rest of the night.  On those nights, anyway.  Even though my first husband was a horrible ass, and drove me to the brink of a nervous breakdown, I've vacillated between feeling guilty for getting him to join the church, ( he's now returned to his native catholicism) or, feeling joy for all those years he had to do difficult things he wasn't comfortable doing.  And the horror for putting my kids through the church, one for 13 years, one for 11, with visible racism involved.  No wonder one is now a buddhist, and the other an atheist.  I'm happy for them.

ExMo shirts, play on the ctr ring, jello cookbook, stickers with pictures of casseroles with a red line goin thru,, translator costume with hat and stones, Joseph wig that has the crazy forward hair flip on the sides that the BABES loved-----> Joseph was the original Beiber!!  Pics of Book of Abraham symbols on a shirt, stickers of a cartoon Korihor.."Brass my Ass" mugs,,golden plates that are really gold foil over tasty upstate chocolate,Brigham Young pic with his JD quotes added..I survived the MMM and all I have left is this lousy t-shirt,,., the list is truly endless.  If you use a printing press, DONT TELL ANY TBM ABOUT IT!!!


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