LAM has had a gift/souvenir store for a couple years now, but it hasn't resulted in many sales so probably isn't carrying items that interest most of us.  I'm in the process of building a new gift store and would like to brainstorm with all of you on what types of designs and items you would actually buy and use more than just as gag gifts or perhaps more than for just exmo meetups.  Right now we have APOSTATE stamped apparel and paraphernalia (example below).  You can view the old store and get more ideas from there.  Please jump in and share ideas you have or what you would be interested in.

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Love them all!!!

I just had an image come into my mind for a picture for ex mo's to hang on their wall. Find someone to wrap themselves up like a mummy and on every piece of cloth binding them is a phrase....."pay tithing" "be temple worthy" families are forever" read your scriptures every day" "bear your testimony" "have a years supply of food" "go on a mission" "multiply and replenish the earth"....and on and on and on.......

then in the next frame, have them cutting themselves free of these bindings! And the 3rd frame they would be standing with their body all free of bindings with their arms stretched out to the sky in joy.....

of course, someone would have to do all the work to make this picture....but wouldn't it be better than a picture of the 1st presidency on the wall? 

So.. I don't want to go into much detail here yet, but I'm going to meet with a rather famous mormon artist I know, and commission him to paint me as jesus. This painting will go on my wall.

What a great statement of "I AM" ness! 

Haha!  Sounds awesome Jnellis!

You inspired me. Needs obvious work but no time. I though of making the "O" in "APOSTATE" a little balloon but I can't shrink the layer. Any fellow Photshoppers out there?

Don't feel the need to wear my history on my clothing.  It's too far removed from my brain, if that's possible, and occasionally I remember what it was like to wear garments.  I remember working in the newborn nursery, and three of us wore garments, but there was a communal dressing room to get dressed in scrubs, and I always hated disrobing for all to see.

I think it would be cool to have an ExMormon wrist band. (Similar to the Livestrong or Save the Boobies! wristbands) I'd definitely pick one up.

That is a good idea I like that one

How about some Garment Replacements?  I just added these:






I'd buy these cute spankies for sure <3 and also Jnellis' face as Jesus.

Nice undies.  Could make a few bucks off this idea, because of the practicality involved.


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