LAM has had a gift/souvenir store for a couple years now, but it hasn't resulted in many sales so probably isn't carrying items that interest most of us.  I'm in the process of building a new gift store and would like to brainstorm with all of you on what types of designs and items you would actually buy and use more than just as gag gifts or perhaps more than for just exmo meetups.  Right now we have APOSTATE stamped apparel and paraphernalia (example below).  You can view the old store and get more ideas from there.  Please jump in and share ideas you have or what you would be interested in.

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I've seen this a couple times but love it.  A shirt that says "I can... I'm Ex Mormon"


bahahahahahah this gave me a serious smile.

I wasn't aware LAM had a shop!!  Cool!!

  I made this for myself at

You need to sell some 'Apostate' shot glasses.

Oh, I'll get those added pronto! 

Edit: Looks like they were already added, lol.

Also this one:

I have no idea what would actually sell, but I'd take everything mormon, the cliche's you see in homes, and turn them around. 

Those wood cutouts "families are forever" about. "families just are"   or something. 

And the stuff about BE this, Be about....??? Be yourself..... Just Be....Be nothing....fugettaboutit....

CTR rings.....CTC cut the crap ring??? There could be SO many variations on this....

pictures of the temple in every home, pictures of Jesus, pictures of the First Presidency,??? Turn that around into some other picture. (don't know what yet) 

Is there apostate vodka? Beer? 


Chime, I know a few years ago there were WTF rings circulating, designed in a very similar fashion/style to CTR rings.

Ah.. here, found one

I really am laughing out loud now!!! Thanks for that! 

I would really like a few of these....but I would also like an actual CTR ring too....I have a dofferent meaning for CTR though.....CORRUPT THE RIGHTEOUS!!! 


Cool. THanks chime!!!! you just gave me the name for my home-made wine. I'll take pictures of the label when the first batch is ready for consumption and post for all to see. 


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