I posted this on postmo, but thought I'd try here as well.

I am interested in finding some friends (preferably girls) who I could start running with.  I am very much a beginner, but I really would love
to train for races.  I ran the SLC 5K and it was so much fun.  I'd like
to train to run a 10K this summer, and maybe a half marathon next
spring.  I really don't know yet. 


My ultimate goal would be to build up to a marathon one day.  I'm also interested in making some post-mo friends through this endeavor .  I know plenty of people who run, but all of them are LDS.


So, if you're in the Utah county area, are a runner or want to be one, want to train for races with me, let me know! If you are afraid of looking
silly, being out of shape, or not being a good runner, let me just tell
you this:  I have flat feet, run like a duck, the longest I've ever run
was 6 miles and it killed me for the following week, and currently I
have trouble going over 3 miles straight, haha.  I am not a runner, I'd
just like to be! 



Let me know!

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I have lots and lots of running friends, but like you they are mostly LDS. My wife is always looking for a running partner, but alas she is very LDS too. :)

There are a number of running clubs in Utah county, with some diverse people that train with them. 26.2 running in American Fork has a couple weekly running groups of all skill levels, and I think that Runners Corner in Orem does as well.

Sorry, I know this is not much help. I can offer encouragement! Running is great, and well worth the effort and pain. It's my moment of meditation, my alone time, my exercise, my stress reliever.


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