Saturday, Nov 21, 7:30 PM start.

All are invited. It would be great if you could bring a party food or (preferably alcoholic) beverage, but everybody's welcome with or without.

There will be two bartenders on hand, switching off, so you can try some new drinks.

No sitter, no problem. We'll have a kids' room with movies and popcorn.

It's not a fancy house, and we don't stand on ceremony, so come casual. We'll make room (and breakfast) for anyone to just crash here for the night if you want to avoid the drive home (we've got folks coming in from SLC and as far as Washington state).

Also, anyone who has an iPhone or iPod touch is welcome to load Apple's Remote app (free at the app store) to access the music library at the party - kind of like a collective DJ program.

The address is 760 Canyon View Drive, Hyrum (84319), about 8 miles south of Logan.

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Sounds awesome. We may just have to make the drive to make it and meet everyone. I'll send the word out.
Thanks Micah, the more the merrier!
Here's the Event to RSVP or find other contact details:
Micah - thanks for the "check out" message. I've really got to check in here more often.

Rick - we are in Hyrum too! :) I seriously could walk to your house from mine (we live East of McDonalds). We have nothing that night, and will plan on coming by for sure.
We look forward to meeting you!
Sounds great, but sorry too much for me to cross the Atlantic Ocean abnd three quarters of a continent more! Maybe I should build a barge and pray for magic stones to shine.
And lo, he shall guide thee across the great waters to the promised land of booze and women.
No no no. You need to preceed this with the immortal words "And it came to pass..."
Still on for tonight? We're planning on coming over if it is.
Most definitely. Looking forward to meeting you guys!
Hope you all had a great time!


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