After ditching garments, what underwear did you try or like most?

Undies threads are always fun.  After you stopped wearing your G's, what types of underwear did you try and come to like most?  For women, do you like thong, bikini, boy short, string-bikini, or regular panties most?  For men, do you like briefs, boxer briefs, boxers, jock-strap or thongs most?  If I failed to mention a type that I'm unaware of, please educate me.  Also, did you notice a change in how your felt about yourself, emotionally, mentally or physically?  

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After ditching the Gs, I tried a variety of undies.  I tried the briefs, boxer briefs and boxer shorts.  I prefer the briefs and brief-trunk, then the boxer brief.  No use for the boxer shorts, don't like the boys bouncing around.  Also, none of my underwear are white.  They are colourful, some with designs others solid colours.  Had to keep away from whiteness, had too much of that stuff.

I went to boxers first since that's what I wore before my mission.  Found I didn't like how they rode up and also zero support.  Then tried boxer briefs but the didn't find the hanes brand supportive enough.  So I tried regular briefs but didn't like how they fit around the thighs and tended to ride up.  Now I most favor a sport type boxer brief which are comfortable and supportive.  Also, none of them are in plane white.  Too reminiscent of garmies.

I bet TBM husband didn't mind that all too much.  Garments are a disgrace to the human body and human sexuality.


Black like my soul... supportive unlike my family.


uuuhhh, that's secret, not sacred now. (LOL) 

Regular cotton panties. Comfortable and flattering. Going back was such a relief. My optimistic hope that garments would be comfortable - like a tee shirt and shorts! - faded very quickly. I definitely felt more attractive and relieved not to have to wear them or shop around them anymore. Also, cute matching bra and panty sets. I am ignoring that I hate the word panty for the sake of this thread. :P

I've ditched the tops, but I'm still wearing the garment bottoms.  I work outside, so the little extra length can add a little more warmth, in theory anyway.  I'm also a cheapskate.  They are in good condition, but I'll replace them with worldly undies when they wear out.  Joseph Smith wasn't a prophet, so the fact that there's a mark on the right leg means absolutely nothing.


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