Adam and Eve based upon real people who lived 3800 years ago.....


The Story of Adam and Eve is based upon the true story of Pharoah Aye and Queen Khiyah of Egypt, the father-in-law and daughter of Akhenaten, husband of Nefertiti. You'll see what I mean if you read the article.


The article puts forth that Joseph Smith was a "Seer" (not a prophet) and the BOM is a parable about America. i.e. Joseph Smith hid his head in his hat and looked into the seerstone for hours....he wasn't making it up as he went along, but was "seeing" something. But JS "fell" because of sin.


Interesting aricle...please read it before you judge it:



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If they didn't live in Missouri... it can't be real.

Well the dates are off by 400 years or so. I could not find anyone named Khiyah descended from Akhenaten. All in all it makes about as much sense as Mormonism. 

If I tried to read all the questionable religious writings out there, I'd only get through one-millionth of them before my wasted life came to an end.

Yeah, I don't believe this, but the Baha'i kick ass. Really interesting religion.


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