ACTION REQUIRED: LAM Transitioning to Mixed Public/Private Community on April 24th

Protecting Your Privacy in a Mixed Public/Private Community

In just under 3 weeks, on April 24th, LAM will be transitioned to a mixed public/private community, expanding public (non-registered) access from just the main page, to include the general discussion forum, and any other user content or group that is otherwise not set to less than "Anyone" visibility, this includes your profile/my-page, blog posts, photos, videos, and calendar events.  You will need to make changes to your privacy settings between now and April 24th to adjust the visibility of your profile or content if you would like them to remain private.  This is a pretty straight forward process and a tutorial has been created to guide you through this  HERE.  


Photos, Videos, Blogs and Events

If you have uploaded any photos, linked personal videos, or blog post that you'd like to remain unavailable to public eyes, these will each need to be reviewed and visibility changed by clicking the "Options" button above your blog post, photo, video or calendar event and then clicking the corresponding post "Edit" button (not "Edit Tags"), and then changing the visibility to either "Just Friends" or "Just Me".  Click thumbnail left for example.  Blogs have similar options at bottom when in Edit mode.


Private Groups/Sub-Forums

Several private groups/sub-forums will continue to be private on the site for anyone leery of posting their story or sharing in the general forum.  These groups can be found under either the Forum menu by clicking "Member Only Forums" or under the Groups menu by clicking "Private Groups".  These groups require approval to join and read.  If you have previously shared any posts in the General Forum or Exit Stories that you don't want red or indexed for public viewing, you may delete or edit them as necessary (click the "Options" button above any thread you started, or the X next to any replies/comments).  You can easily find and review all of your posts/comments from your My-Page below your avatar/alias on the left.  If you currently run a group that you want changed to private status, you'll have to start a new group (with Moderated Membership) and invite group members to join it and move any content that you want to keep before deleting your old group.


Live Chat and Aliases

The Chat room will continue to be private and viewable to registered members only.  Profile pages, photos, member listings, groups and related subdirectories have been flagged to not be indexed by web crawlers for search engines, but links to those pages may still be indexed as found in other public areas (such as when you reply to a post in the forum, or update a status in the activity feed).  As such, if privacy is a concern for you, it is suggested that you use an unidentifiable Alias and Avatar, and review your profile sub-folder listing to change it to either match your new alias, or some obscure name unrelated to your alias.  Both can be reviewed or changed from the My Page menu under Profile Settings or My Page Settings respectively (see thumbnail right).


Why the Change

This direction should allow LAM to be more accessible to those investigating Life After Mormonism, such that they can lurk or preview much of the community and be helped whether they decide to join or not.  Also, allowing search engines to index more than just the main page will increase traffic and exposure to the community making it easier for our community to be found by those needing it.


Questions or Concerns?

Please voice any questions or concerns in a reply to this thread, or via private message to anyone on the Administrative team.

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Very good and respectful of individual  privacy!



hmm...mixed thoughts about this...but will remain open on it
Additional instructions have been added to the privacy settings tutorial on how to change your alias, and whether your age, city/state, and country are displayed.
I don't mind this at all- but I was wondering what happens to someone who felt secure posting private details of their life on here while it was private, but then left the website never to return... will they risk possible exposure to family and friends?
It is my hope that they will heed one of the several emails I'm sending out.  If they outright left the site, they can still come back and choose to delete all of their posts.  All content on LAM is user controlled so anyone can delete their comments, blogs, or threads at any time, or edit them to remove sensitive content.  For those still wanting a non-public place to post, there are several private groups/sub-forums on here that they are welcome to participate in.  They can also set their My Page profile to only be visible to either Members only, or even Just Friends that they have chosen to add.  I've tried to make the protecting privacy tutorial as simple and straight forward as possible so that all members can easily choose just how exposed they want to be.  That's about the best I think we can do.  If you have other suggestions or concerns, I'm open to hearing what they are.

Is there a way to make my content visible only to members, such as when I post to a discussion? 


Hi Alta,


Under the general forum, all posts and replies will be viewable to both members and unregistered visitors.  There isn't a away to restrict general forum posts or replies to just members.  However, you can respond or post in the private groups to keep your posts to just members, or post blogs that are only viewable to "Just Friends", those you add or who add you as a friend, and those will also not be publicly viewable.  I hope this answers your question and provides some alternatives to explore.




One week left.  Make sure you understand your privacy settings and adjust them as desired.
Sorry, Mikeutah. I've been out of town, and I'm having a hard time figuring this out. How can I delete my posts from the general forum? Thnx.
To see what posts you've made that you'd like to delete, click on "My Posts" under the Forum menu, then go to each reply that you've made to review it and delete if desired, by clicking the little "x" to the top-right of your post/comment.


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Privacy Tip: Setting your profile/My-Page visibility to "Members Only" will make your status updates visible to members only.

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