The more signatures, the more pressure on TSSC.

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When I first read this it looked like it said a "Negro-Dunking Petition."  LOL   Sorry, I had to say it. 

We'll forgive you on account of me having a double take as well.

The reasons why it's wrong to baptize deceased Jews or Holocaust victims are the same reasons it's wrong to baptize any dead person by proxy; it requires that the Church first have a complete absence of respect (or even curiosity) about what each of these millions of people stood for in their lives.

The arrogance in doing this cannot be ignored; whatever they believed and lived and may have sacrificed for, Mormons believe it was nothing important. Mormonism is better.

I have never met an arrogant Mormon. They really are better than everyone else; the spirit told them so.

So well said Cora. No matter what, Mormons truly believe they have all the answers therefore nothing else could carry any level of importance of validity. Disgusting when you really get down to it.


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