I know I'm coming from a European perspective, and not representitive to most of  the subscribers to LAM, but quite frankly, the prospect of a Romney, or Huntsman presidency scares me to death!

I'm old enough to remember JFK being considered a  threat because of his Catholic roots, so does it matter or not if you Americans follow  the "Brethren" and get a Mormo Pressy in?

I feel it does matter, because we Europeans have blindly been forced to support so many illegal wars, paid the price in blood for Israel to carry on as a "rogue state", whilst America's arms factories supply some of the world's most corrupt regimes and dictators with weapons of mass destruction?


Please don't get me wrong here. I might not like the way you do your politics, but I'm not anti USA. (My mother was from Macon, Georgia)

So, hopefully no offence is intended, but it would be interesting to hear some views about the future if the next President USA is "a Mormon", and how will it impact our world?



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A mormon president is unlkley to get in. The christian right would be against him for religous reasons and the liberals will have a tough time with temple covenates vs liberty. It would be interesting to see how he would handle coruption, selling arms, and supporting anti christian countries. Of course he has to support Israel to bring to past prophecy and speed up the second coming.
Good point, Thanks!
Forgot to mention that you are spot on! The Christian Right are even just as much of a threat. And your TBN's, Benny Hinn's, Olsteens etc  screw our telly over here! The prosperity gospel:- only difference, the dosh does not go to SLC!


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