According to the teachings of Dr. Dahesh, the miracle-working Prophet of Lebanon, we are judged solely by our works;not what religion we adhere to, or what church we belong to, or what ordinances/rites we have partaken of. According to his teachings, the Atheist who does more good works than a Christian or a Muslim, we get a better reward in his next life than they will.

I would categorize Mormons into the following:

10 %....Nazi Mormons. Completely Selfish. Pathological. "Little Lucifers"

40 %....Asshole Mormons. Selfish but not pathological.

40 %....Nice Mormons. Not particularly selfish, but not particularly altruistic.

10 %....Pure-in-Heart Mormons. Not selfish, and very altruistic.

10/40/40/10 scale is perfectly represented in the human condition. In
other words, Mormons are NO DIFFERENT from the general population. The
Nazi Mormons especially hate and despise the pure-in-heart Mormons (or
anyone who is pure-in-heart), who appear to them to be utter fools,
weak, "insane", and rightfully used, lied to, and despised.

religion is not necessary, ultimately, because we are judged solely by
how we "treat" others. I wish most Mormons believed that, but they
clearly don't. By their actions, they clearly do not. Most Mormons
clearly believe to be honest, unless they have a good reason not to be,
moral unless they can be immoral in the dark, where God can't see them,
and in regards to doing good to others, long as they respect
that person. If they don't respect them, then it doesn't apply. How in
the world can you think that applies to everybody?

meetings are karma-neutral. Not good works, not bad ones. Paying
tithing, which does not help the poor or orphans or widows, but goes to
build buildings such as temples, chapels, and to Church owned
businesses, which also do not help the poor or needy, are karmicly
neutral---neither good works nor bad works. Going through Temple
ordinances, again, are karmicly-neutral, like watching television or
playing sports. Neither good nor bad. Going on a mission is karmicly
neutral UNLESS you've helped a person decide to live a better, more
moral, more honest, life filled with good works. Then, of course, you
have done good works, and that will be accounted to you. On the other
hand, going on a Welfare mission, is filled with good works.

in Sacrament meeting, listening to boring talks, or in Sunday school,
or in Priesthood/Relief Society, listening to UBER_boring talks, the
same crap over and over and over and over and over and over and over and
over again, is karmicly neutral. You are not hurting anything by doing
so, but neither are you helping anyone. It is like watching
television...BORING television. Like watching old UHF "Sunday" afternoon
television before cable (remember that?)!

Going to a FAIR
meeting, and listening to various talks, may be interesting, and
enjoyable from an intellectual perspective, but it is karmicly neutral.
It would be much better for you, to spend the money you spent on FAIR,
to give to St. Jude's Hospital for Children. Much better. That will be
accounted to you for righteousness ("right actions"). Paying tithing to
the Mormon Church, which spends 97 per cent on chapels, temples,
advertising, salaries for those who work for the Church, buying more
land and businesses for the Church (which do not benefit the poor), so
the Church can spend FOUR BILLION on a Mall in downtown Salt Lake City
(when there is a perfectly good Mall only a few blocks away called
"Gateway"), is karmicly neutral. Like paying to see a film. It would be
BETTER for your karmicly to send it to St. Jude's or some other charity
that actually "benefits" people.

What we do here in "Life After Mormonism" is karmicly neutral. Like discussing things under a tree. But, better we engage in good works. So, I give a portion of my income to St. Jude's Children's Hospital. Sure, perhaps half of that is spent for salaries, etc., but half will go to the children's

You say, "Well, if God is supposed to be loving, why does He give children cancer, cause them pain?"

We have lived before. We are spirits with many souls, many lifetimes.
If a soul does others pain, it must receive pain in return; either in
this life, or the next.

Fast and Testimony Offerings, go to
benefit the poor. Those are "good works" which shall be accounted to you
for good works. Donate a little every month to the LDS Children's
Primary Hospital (they still have that?). That will be accounted for
"good works". But, paying tithing, is karmicly neutral. Because,
building buildings (chapels and temples) is karmicly neutral. Giving the
Church money to build a four billion dollar Mall, is karmicly neutral.
Neither bad nor good. Better to spend your money on what actually
"benefits" people.

Getting baptized with water, sealed in a
temple, does not "seal" you. Does not cause you to become a god in the
Afterlife. But do "good works" and they will come back to you, in this
life or the next.

Organized religion is not necessary, but it can
be helpful "if" it encourages you, motivates you, and gives you
opportunities to do "good works". We are judged by our works...nothing
else. Not meeting attendance. Not creeds. Not dogma. Not what
religion/church we adhere to or don't. We are judged by how we "treat"
other sentient beings. A "sentient being" is any being who can feel joy
and sorrow. Insects are not sentient. Fish are not sentient. All other
beings are sentient.

In conclusion...the Muslims who kill
non-muslims, think they are helping God, but they are not. Catholics
who killed Protestants, thinking they were doing God a favor, were not.
Protestants who burned Anabaptists, thinking they were helping God, were
not. Evangelicals who spit upon me, called my mother a whore, and
threatened to kill me, simply because I was a Mormon, and I RESPECTFULLY
refuted their dumb argument, think they are helping God, but they are
not. Polynesian Mormons who assaulted me, threatened to kill me, threw rocks or chuncks of concrete at my head, because I publicly protested the Church's Curse of Cain Cover up (i.e. the Church denying that it ever taught that blacks were cursed or the children of Cain...which it is still doing via LDS Public Affairs), thinking they were helping the Church and/or God, were
not. All were doing EVIL WORKS, which shall come back to them, in this
life or the next.

So, Evangelicals who cry "Mormons will burn in
Hell forever....SCREAMING for mercy but receiving none"...are simply
ignorant fanatics; no different from the followers of al-Qaeda. No
different form the Catholics who burned Protestants, or the Protestants
who burned women for practicing Wicca. It will come back to them,
because they have done evil.

The Gospel of Jesus Christ is not
about priesthoods, and "divine authority" and "ordinances". All that is
man-made b***s***!!! The "Good News" that Jesus taught was based upon
the "Good News" of Zoroaster, that we are judged solely by our "works".
So, say Good Words. Think Good Thoughts. Do Good Deeds.

According to Dr. Dahesh, the miracle-working Prophet of Lebanon, the Atheist who does more good works than the Christian or the Muslim, will receive a better reward than they do in their next incarnation. In like manner, the Mormon who lives a life of honesty, morality, and charity (and especially "charity"), has nothing to fear in the Afterlife, because we are judged by our "works" (actions), how we "treat other sentient beings" and by absolutely nothing else. So, in the end, it does not matter if Joseph Smith was a fraud. He will pay for his own sins. We will not pay for his sins. It does not matter if the Book of Mormon is history or fiction. Mormons will not be punished for believing that the Book of Mormon is literal history; no more than a child would be punished for believing that Santa Claus is real. In fact, if the parable of Santa Claus helps people be more charitable, at least around Christmas, it is a good thing, not a bad thing. Jesus came to preach the 'Good News", the Pure Religion, the Good religion, of good thoughts, good words, and good deeds. If the Mormon Church helps you be a good person, full of charity and love towards others, then it is a good thing, not a bad thing. These are not my teachings. These are the teachings of Dr. Dahesh, the miracle-working Prophet of Lebanon. He was "Jesus" in a previous incarnation. These are His teachings...not mine. I am only a messenger.

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 I believe we live many lives, I've said it doesn't matter what we believe but it does matter what we DO (not on this board but on others...).  Interesting.  I'll have to look into this more...

Cool! This seems like a positive religious philosophy. If more religious people thought this way this would be a better world. :)

I don't like it.  Little children suffering from cancer were evil in a previous life?  No I don't think so.

Maybe you read something I didn't.  Personally (my opinion...which I have thought alot about), "suffering" is not equal for people in our lives.  This was something that I saw as "unfair"...from a very early age.  But if I view my life as ONE of many lives I can understand suffering, and I have suffered ALOT.  I don't think a child who suffers cancer is a victim of karmic revenge.  The experiences we experience are meant to teach and refine us, and yes, they are very, very, difficult things sometimes.  Sometimes "karma" plays a role, but more often than not (IMO), we are simply in states of learning.

Seems like another man-made philiosophy to deal with the fact that we dont know a lot about the universe, and the finality of death scares us.


I always wondered this--why prophets? 

Why would an all powerful, all knowing, all capable God make up a whole system of Critical rules...and then only tell one man (in one language and in one part of the world--usually the most illiterate part--and do it during one particular cerntury--after thousands of people during thousands of years lived, commited both evil and good, and died without getting the message)? 


Why not just make brains that already know the message?  Afterall, this Universal God can make galaxies of complex materials and planets that sustain millions of diverse life forms...but He cant make brains that are informed of the rules at birth?


 Very suspicious if you ask me!


Well I read the entire piece and the comments and have decided that once I finished I was still karmicly-neutral. I am happy for Dr. Dahesh, that he was Jesus in a previous life though.

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