So with all of us being new members and generally unknown to each other, I am starting this thread so that we can get to know each other better. If you need to remain anonymous, please don't feel obligated to reply, or reply in a more general way. (BTW, I'm married, but created the group for you all).

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1.  I love to golf but I'm not really very good.  That doesn't stop me from loving the sport though.  Best looking playing fields of any sport out there.


2.  Discussing religion is one of my favorite past-times.  Unfortunately, it scares people so I don't get to do it very often.  That's one of the reasons I like ex-mo's like myself that aren't afraid to ask the fun questions.


3.  Though single, I have 4 awesome kids that live with me full time.  The are bright and independent and ask questions about everything.  What more could a proud dad want?


4.  I used to think my mom was wacky when she would engage total strangers in a conversation.  Now I do exactly the same thing and I love it.  I learn so much about the world from these little snippet conversations.  The last one got me thinking about doctor-assisted suicide, which is a rough subject, but I thought it was great that I could have a 3 minute conversation in a airport and come away with new knowledge.


5. I can still play the Charlie Brown theme "Linus and Lucy" on the piano although I haven't practiced in over 20 years.


6.  I like to play poker and I have a monthly game at my house in Happy Valley.  Last time I had 26 players show up.  I still came in dead last.


I still have dreams where I'm called on a second mission, but this time I realize, "Oh crap.  I'm not a member anymore!"


If I could go back in time to my mission I'd be much more relaxed, maybe sneak an iPod in, sleep in some more.  Actually, I probably wouldn't go (although I did love living in Argentina for a year :)

What are your favourite cello compositions, Caitie Ball?

Mmmm.......where to start?


1- I'm bilingual in English & Español.

2- I participated in a documentary about exmormons.

3- I met in person 2 GAs. One while a TBM, one after I stopped believing. The impressions I got where the complete opposite.

4- I am an Atheist.

5- I was in a coma for 10 days after a car accident but no one would ever tell.


1. I've got a goal to live on every continent for at least six months(excluding Antarctica) and I'm half way there ;) Right now I'm in Taiwan. Australia's next. But I kind of feel like a loser because that goal has taken over my life and I haven't gotten much of anything else done ;)

2. I live on the beach and surf nearly every day. As long as I'm near the ocean I can feel at home anywhere in the world.

3. I want to make my living as a writer. Right now I make enough writing to pay rent and utilities, but have to work part time as an English teacher to make ends meet. It's fun (teaching English) but I'm really looking forward to a time when I don't have to go to work when I'm in a creative mood...

4. When I was 16 I was sent to a behavioral modification program because of drug use, dropping out of school, running away etc. It was one of the things that made me realize that the church probably isn't true. Many people involved in this 'program' revered it as if it were the true gospel. Seeing this helped me realize that an institution that makes people feel blind obedience and loyalty has more to do with psychology, and less to do with truth or even goodness.

5. I went to conference on acid once. It was the only time in my entire life I remember really believing the church was true. I spent half an hour in the bathroom (listening to the talks over the loudspeaker) staring in the mirror thinking about how beautiful and amazing everything was. Then I convinced myself that all I needed to do was find myself a good priesthood holder to marry and pop out lots of babies and everything would be fine. Between sessions, they showed the movie legacy. I cried. Then I fell asleep with my head on my mom's lap. When I woke up (ie, was no longer tripping) I realized all of that euphoria and belief was drug-induced. How could it be that God gave me a testimony when I was on a hallucinogen, yet completely ignored me all of the times I'd been sobbing on my knees begging him for a testimony (before I ever did drugs)? I was 15. I never really believed in the church anyways but that was the final nail in the coffin. Oh by the way I don't do drugs anymore ;)

6. I'm involved in animal rescue in Taiwan. It's GRITTY dude, I've sprung steel traps off of dog's legs while they were trying to bite me, I've cut a too-tight collar off a dog who was developing gangrene because it was eating into his flesh (he smelled really bad) and I've gotten into a physical fight with a dude who threw a rock at my dog on the beach while I was surfing. I've also had 8 animals in and out of my house while trying to find them a new home. (by the way, if anyone wants a dog, have I got the dog for you! She's adorable and can ship anywhere in the states for a reasonable fee! She'll be the best friend you ever had!

Oh yeah and I can make a fire using a bow drill (no lighter, matches, etc.)

Oh and parlo Italiano abastanza bene, ed 我说一點點中文 It is ridiculous how long it took me to type the Chinese.

Oh man how lame do you have to be to list 8 things when they ask for six? I fuckin awesome eh? haha

Parlo italiano un po' e parlo cinese.  Lei e' italiana? 

1) i make chainmail accessorys (out of wire with pliers) 

2) i make ducktape bags

3) im not a good with people  (im nice, i just cant seem to say the right thing)

4) i love biking 

5) i love trying new things and learning

6) im a scifi fan

#6 & # 3 = related??

1- Speak English, Portuguese and Spanish

2- Enjoy traveling, especially warm places

3- I enjoy pole dancing (just kidding), actually, I enjoy dancing at clubs

4- Simple things are most valuable to me: good company, good food and drink

5- Making people laugh makes me happy

6- Formerly engaged to a great woman who left me when I left the church.

1. I was huge into writing for comics and cartoons, and I used to animate a lot in flash. I don't do it so much anymore because I was depressed for a long time. Made a promise to a member here that I would start up the works again.

2. I have a huge interest in history, in particular history of religions and the Cold War. I feel like the best way to understand the situations our world is in today is by looking at specifically at the Cold War.

3. I play a lot of video games ranging from the Atari 2600 to the modern PC. I own a lot of really obscure consoles like the PCengine, and Famicom Disk System. Getting a Commodore 64 soon as well and I plan on learning some BASIC programming with it. 

4. I love fixing old electronics with a soldering iron, or modifying them with features that they didn't come with (modifying a console with S-video output/Region unlocking). Not the greatest with it, but it is something that I am moderately good at.

5. Cooking is something that I legitimately enjoy. I find it very relaxing, and well I like eating food so that's two things!

6. Finally I'm probably the only furry on this site. Not usually something you want to go around admitting places because it can scare people because of quite a few misconceptions about what that actually means due to a lot of bad-apples. Basically it just means you really like anthropomorphic animal characters, and you make one for yourself to have as an avatar that you call your fursona. And while there's a lot of things that the fandom's been known for, I've found that it's been a great way to find a new identity for myself that so far has been surprisingly drama free. 

1 - didn't know what "political science" was before joining the major (still unsure of the specifics three years in haha)

2 - never had a cellphone until 2008--while I was on my LDS mission in Canada--and didn't have one of my own until 2010

3 - I was in the City of Joseph pageant in Nauvoo, IL two times as a little kid

4 - my favorite movie growing up was "Fern Gully"

5 - I'm a flexitarian

6 - High School Musical 2 is the best of the trilogy

1) First lost my testimony on my way home from the temple after my grandpa failed to explain any of the culty "mysteries" of the endowment. Lost it again after I decided to stop "doubting my doubts" and actually research them. That was quick.

2) I have radio show, featuring doom metal and whatever else I'm in the mood for (usually weird international stuff)

3) Moved from Oregon/Utah down to Texas to become a petroleum engineer (as long as someone actually hires me)

4) Bike every single day. I bike to school and for fun on the weekends, especially if I want to meditate when I would normally be in church

5) After praying about the Book of Mormon again, I felt spiritual promptings to become an athiest. Hahaha, I love being a fucking conundrum.

6) All of my parents and grandparents went to BYU. I loved BYU. First time since high school/middle school I didn't feel like an outcast. Best friends I ever had. It was a fucking awesome time. Especially when I swore in front of people and they acted all shocked, hahaha. It was even worth mostly believing. Then once I left there was really no point to keeping my mind up on the shelf. I still hate parties, so it wasn't a total loss there. I love drinking with friends, but throwing a big party someone always ends up inviting the assholes.


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