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This month marks the 3rd anniversary from the inception of LifeAfterMormonism on October 28th 2008.  It has been a wonderful journey watching how the community has grown and evolved in those 3 years.  LAM originated under the name ExmormonOnline.net and soon after evolved to Life Beyond x-Mormonism and changed again to Life After Mormonism in early 2010 and the URL updated to match that name.  The appearance of LAM has also undergone updates and enhancements in that time to arrive at the current welcoming sky blue color scheme.

Today the 2,000th registered user joined LifeAfterMormonism, one of 24 users to join in just the past 10 days.  Whether you are a long time user, or new to our community, it is an honor to share in the journey of living life after Mormonism.  I hope that you will continue to enjoy sharing and surfing on LAM.  LAM would be just an empty site if it weren't for all of your contributions, sharing and participation.  Here's to the next 3 years and the untold numbers who are leaving Mormonism and discovering life anew.




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Thanks for creating and maintaining this safe place to rest/live/love and laugh after Mormonism

Did the 2000th user win a gift?

LAM (www.lifeaftermormonism.net) is a great place.  It is  a wonderful place to read the views, opinions and experiences as you learn that you are not the only normal person on the planet.  Others feel just as you do.  Others are experiencing things just as you are, they have the same concerns as you and the same fears as well.  They even want the same solutions to those views and experiences.  

When you learn that you are not the only one that finds thought control to be oppressive, that notices that no one raises their hands (or even listens) when sustaining leaders, that when kids stand up and mimic back their testimony on Fast and Testimony Sunday.....that you are normal.  Others note the same things.  


If you want to find out where you are in this cathartic process by comparison, "this is the place"!  Ooops, did not mean to rip off old  Brigham Young there :) hahahaha  On Friday evenings (USA time) there is a chat that is full of great people that share views, chat, talk about work, kids and family.  It is so important to know that you are normal, and that you are good and never alone in your estimations of the "Borg", I mean the Mormon Church.


Resistance is ever futile, you do not need to be assimilated!  Bring your own individual nature to this group and be the better person, learn that you are indeed a great person, as and where you stand.:)


Share the URL of this group with friends.  Let others know that they are not alone.  Tell people in other languages, other parts of the world.  It'll be great.  And you will feel great as well. :)


Don, in Las Vegas   

We have as many members as a stake on her now.

We are the true forum! :)  And we don;t demand 10% of anything from the members.  They can donate when they choose to tho.



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