Time to pay the bills on LAM.  I'd love to not have to ask for donations but as it is, I am unable to afford the hosting fees, domain registrations and promotion efforts on my own.  If you're not in a position to contribute monetarily, please do not feel bad.  Contributions through forum posts, replies, and sharing your experiences are just as important.  You can also help contribute and promote LAM through "liking" our official facebook page, "liking" other posts, videos and such, blogging about LAM elsewhere, or tweeting links and articles.

If you would like to consider making a monetary contribution, please visit this page.  I will update the current level when I can so that we can track how close we are to achieving the goal.

My sincere thanks to all of you for being a member of LAM and making this a successful, interactive social community for those transitioning out of Mormonism.


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Hey Micah, the donation kink does not seem to work. Can you double check this?  Thanks!



I went to Paypal and tried to donate. No luck. What email name should be used to donate to?
Please try the donate button again.  I think I have it fixed.
Yup, Success!
How much are you paying for domain registration, hosting, and promotion?
Hosting and social platform app is $250 per year.  I'd like to re-register the domain name for 5-10 years depending on how much donations come in, which would be another $50-$100 or so.  I'm also maintaining two domain names for Investigating Mormonism (.com and .org) and will need to renew those again before this time again next year.  I am starting another project called ex-Mormon Messages, a YouTube channel to post our own uplifting and positive messages that feed people's emotional sensations.  I may need to purchase music royalties and/or stock photos for that project if I don't want to risk having my videos taken down, and possibly video software as well.  That could run me another $100-$200 but I feel could be very positive and inviting to even TBMs perhaps.  Also, I'm hoping that by this time next year, the google ads and other sponsors will be bringing in enough to cover most of these costs so this may be the last formal donation campaign I run on LAM for this purpose.  We'll just have to see though.  I hope that answers your question.


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