Without mentioning any names, I am sometimes annoyed how some forums have strict rules about not promoting your own blog or website. I believe that the more freely you give and share, the more likely those same deeds will come back to you. So this thread will be a central location for all members to post where your own page is and promote it in anyway so long as it doesn't belittle anyone else and isn't taken to extreemes. I will edit this main post to add member websites as you reply and post them below under a master list. At minimum, please include a single sentance slogan for your site.

Update: You can now access these links under the "Exmo-Members" tab above. A permanent page dedicated to our members.

http://www.exmormononline.net - Micah - Online community for recovering members of the LDS church
http://rfmorg.wordpress.com - Measure - The Best of RfM
http://blendingzen.org - ScottyDoo - Open Spirituality with a Buddhist theme
http://www.opensangha.com - ScottyDoo - Open discussion of all forms of Buddhism
http://onyxtalk.com - ScottyDoo - Peer to Peer support site for Onyx software
http://taolung.com - Jon - Jon's blog about skepticism, Mormonism, and atheism.

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My website is http://rfmorg.wordpress.com

I have started several blogs in my life, but eventually decided blogging was just too much work.

One day, after I was noticing another great post at RfM that would be lost to history... I thought, hey, what If I started a blog where all I do is shamelessly steal content from RfM?

I started my blog to help save some of these great posts, as kind of a personal archive. It also became a good place to debate against TBM's, as they are generally irritated by my posts.

It's been fun, but a bit slow lately with all the focus on Prop 8 and the Election probably getting a lot of posters to go to forums where politics are allowed.
It is annoying. The only logical explanation I could come up with is they dont want to lose their people, so they would prefer no names to be mentioned. I really dont see any other reason why, unless you can think of any?
taolung.com: My blog about skepticism, Mormonism, and atheism. I try to mix in plenty of positive things about secular humanism and science.


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