Not this one. We have what, 3 members at this point?

I started my exmo life at RfM, but have been pursuaded to join FLAK as well. I've registered at postmormon, but I don't think I've ever posted there. I don't think i've even visited NOM.

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This board was started yesterday so that would be expected. Give it a few weeks/months and we should have a growing community in that time. Thanks for stopping by.
I really enjoy bulletin board.
I also feel that this site has a lot of potential. I love the layout...When more people join it will be fab. I spread the word to over a hundred people who are not religious in SLC, some may be exmo's..we'll see.
Wow, thanks for spreading the word! "If you build it, they will come" is my hope. I enjoy as well but it's kindof limited on how much you can share. No profiles, no photos, video etc. I am not starting this site to undermine anyone, just looking to have a whole new interactive exmo community unlike the ones I've previously experienced (joined postmormon but haven't posted).
It's pretty small, but I've enjoyed
More acronyms ~ I'm lost. lol. ...Lost AND Found, that's 2 funny.
RfM is Recovery from Mormonism or NOM is New Order Mormon. I don't know what FLAK is.
FLAK is "Further Light And Knowledge" at, I believe,

Smaller community than RfM, but better discussion board tech.
Thx for the updates ~ FLAK ~ looks like an apologetics site??? It didn't feel safe to me... like people have one foot inside the church and one foot outside, which I don't. I sure see the need for them to have their needs met too, I'm just so leery of being outed ~ like being ostracized for becoming a member wasn't enough! Now I get to look forward to being ostracized for finding my way out.
I probably spoke too soon ~ I just have so much research to do... and I am angry, and afraid of being outed. Perhaps I'm not being very open minded right now, which is not like me at all!! I'm just trying to protect myself as I struggle to find my way out ~ without automatically getting in to something else. Which doesn't really make sense b/c I'm starting to come out as Xmo, coming in here, so I appreciate your understanding. Itj's not like being a mormon wasn't ignorant enough for me, now I get to experience more of my own ignorance coming out. It totally sucks. Ignorance may be bliss for others, but it's always been painful for me ~ I'm just trying to find a safe spot to heal and grow ~ thx again.
Yer doin' fine. Unlike a typical Mormon ward, we're far less judgmental. Comment, speak your mind, ask questions, it's all good.
I really like my page..thank you so much Micah for creating this :)
Well after just one week we are now up to 41 members. I would say that is great and far exceeded my expectations for quick growth. Hopefully this growth continues. I think 500 members a year from now is probably realistic forecast. 500 members by the Exmo Conference 2009!


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