Today I went to Holywood Video (video rental) to see if I could get Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skulls. After all, they advertise that it's guaranteed in stock or you get a free rental the next time it's in stock. Well I get down there and the shelf is bare, all eight of them. I look around at other new releases to see what else is out. I rarely watch TV or go to the theatre so I don't always know what's available.

Iron Man was right next to the Indian Jones display so I picked up one of them and then noticed an older gentleman who is also wanting to rent Indiana Jones. He grabs one of the display only boxes and starts heading to the front desk. I casually mentioned that I was also hoping to get a copy so I followed him to the front to ask if they had received any return videos. The gentleman was first to the help desk and as it turned out, one copy had been returned and available for him to rent.

I was called to the next attendant and also asked if any copies of Indiana Jones was available. The attendant said there wasn't so I began asking how I receive the free rental. The attendant said he would check again for other copies. After a minute he came back and said that the older genteman decided I could rent the only available copy and that he would rent something different. What a generous gester I thought to myself.

By the time they were done ringing me up, I noticed that this gentleman had made his way back into the checkout line which was now somewhat long. On my way to the door I went out of my way to thank the man and mentioned that he didn't have to do that but I was grateful. I shook his hand, wished him a good night and headed to the exit feeling good about life.

A small act of generocity but a glimmer of hope that humanity is still out to look out for each other. Just thought I would share one thing I am grateful for this weekend.

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The irony is that Iron Man was a much better movie. :P
I ended up renting both. Indiana Jones was more for my son but I still haven't seen it so I'll watch it after he's done.
I think so too Jon, although Harrison Ford is a hottie!
So what did you think of Indiana Jones, Micah?
It was good. Different from the originals but still good.
I really liked the originals but I think it's because I was so young and had a crush on Indiana Jones
I'm glad you took the time to thank the man. it really was the right thing to do.
I wonder why he did that? That normally doesnt happen or should I say that's never happened to me.
Hmmm you got me thinking...
You're so funny Micah ~ I didn't know we had HolyWood too?
(Kindness is cool ~ )
Wouldn't the reason the man returned it be that he wanted the free rental? Just sayin... lol As I was reading I was thinking that you looked around to see what other 'guaranteed' to be available titles were out. hmmm how many free movies can we get? Don't know why I went down that road but I did. lol


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