Email from a TBM who attended Oakland temple with Proposition 8 protesters

"Dear family and friends,
I had a very disturbing experience yesterday that I would like to share with
those of you that live outside of California (or outside of the San Francisco
Bay Area).
This weekend we have stake conference. Our stake conference always begins with
a stake temple session on Friday or Thursday night. Early Friday morning I
received a call from the second counselor in our bishopric to let me know that
there would be numerous protesters outside the temple, and to remind everyone to
stay calm and to drive carefully. The beautiful Oakland Temple is located right
across the bay from San Francisco, very close to the city of Berkeley.
Apparently the opposition to proposition 8, the amendment that seeks to make
marriage in CA between a man and a woman again, has realized the deep
involvement of the church and begun to protest right outside of the temple and
harass temple patrons. The fastest way to get to the temple from our house is
to take the 680 freeway, but the exit is a bit tricky. The off ramp is
extremely short and straight uphill. You then make an almost blind left turn,
an immediate right and another left into the parking lot. As we
approached the off ramp, I realized there would be trouble. There was a
backup onto the freeway from cars stalled on the off ramp. As we moved forward
inches at a time, we realized this was due to a large group of loud protesters
who were standing on both sides of the street, yelling, screaming and waving
signs. When we got to the top of the offramp, ready to make our turn, one
protester jumped out right in front of our car. It took my husband all his self
control to carefully maneuver around him to the left and proceed to the temple.
I tried not to listen to all they were shouting at us, but I was shaking as I
got to the temple front door. Several of the sisters, especially the ones
driving on their own, were crying (which made me snap out of it and go into RS
President mode to comfort them). Later, as I was sitting in the perfect quiet
of the chapel, I couldn't help but think of Lehi's dream, and the people
who mocked the Saints from the big spacious building but
"we heeded them not." It was a truly surreal experience, I'd
never thought that I would have to go through an angry crowd to get to the
temple. As we left late at night, the protesters had dispersed, temple security
(who all looked very large and Tongan) stood by the gates. I never saw a single
police man.
Please pray for those of us in California fighting for prop 8--it's getting
kind of scary out here!"

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Wow, I hope this wakes up some of the TBM to the wrongness of TSCC's involvement.
I'm going to need a dictionary to interpret all the acronym's ~ like learning all the stuff in the church wasn't hard enough. Learning my way out is getting even stranger. (What does tscc stand for?)
I should probably have a glossary page. TSCC stands for This So Called Church. TBM stands for True Believing Mormon.
That's unfortunate. It's amazing how violently people react when their basic human rights are being threatened by a bunch of ignorant moralists. Gee, that poor temple patron. She had to get so close to the icky people.

Amazing how Mormons continually turn themselves into the victims when they are the ones perpetrating the discrimination.
I totally agree! Bullies can dish it out but they sure can't take it themselves.
While I'm not a fan of using intimidation to make your point (a peaceful protest would have probably been better) I'm more disturbed that it took "all the husbands self-control" not to run over some guy.

I love that speaking against the church only serves to strengthen their faith. "The more the world criticizes us, the more we know we must be right!" With this logic, the worst and most disgusting cults on the planet must be the most true.


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