I have created this interactive community for a new way of learning about mormonism and finding support in your journey from it. Please check back often as this is just the beginning of this site. Again welcome to Exmormon Online!

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I plugged the site on my blog.

So uh, where did you get my email from, out of curiosity? I'm guessing RfM?
Yah, since RFM doesn't allow me to plug this site through their forum (I haven't tried that yet), I've just been inviting those who post their email address. I don't intend to spam anyone, just trying to start up a new community. Thanks for the plug! I'll check out your blog too. If you could post the address as http://www.exmormononline.net I would appreciate it!
Fixed the link for ya. I don't like RfM's no linking to personal pages policy, but it is what it is.
I've also now plugged the site at FLAK. See how productive I am today?
Great, I really appreciate it! Thanks for all the plugging. Have a great day!
I emailed Richard Packham an invite. He responded and said he has a lot on his plate right now to join at this time. I totally understand, he must also feel overwhelemed with his sisters death ( just assuming).


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We are an online social community of former mormons, ex-mormons, ex-LDS and sympathizers. Stay C.A.L.M. - Community After Leaving Mormonism

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