So with all of us being new members and generally unknown to each other, I am starting this thread so that we can get to know each other better. If you need to remain anonymous, please don't feel obligated to reply, or reply in a more general way.

6 Unique things about me:
* I am a vegetarian (a lazy one)
* I left the church backwards (see my story)
* I occationally have clairvoyant experiences
* My favorite Pizza is B-B-Q Chicken (I said I was a lax vegetarian)
* I corrected my vision naturally (without lasic or corrected lenses/contacts)
* I have 3 kids (2 boys and 1 princess)

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I am into organic
I am extremly sweet
I am always smiling
I vacumm everyday
I think of myself as kind of a wildchild, if I were a hippie my name would be sunshine
I'm always looking for adventure
6 unique things about me:
- I'm french-english bilingual and I'm mom to a 2 year old french-english bilingual son named Alexy
- I'm half-american/half canadian
- Before the age of 8, I could not speak much english and spoke french only
- I'm about to be a divorced mom with full custody
- I love to knit (especially slippers)
- I love animals but I'm CRAZY about black cats
* I have 5 hell on paws (3 dogs and 2 cats)
* I do not cook
* I have no kids
* I love Root Beer
* I can't remember what my original hair color is
* I want to get my first tattoo and I can't decide what to do!
Let's see now, unique? I'm sure I'm not unique. Somewhere there has to be others like myself...

1- I speak cat with my 7 furkids. My husband said so. He asks me to translate regularly.
2- I'm a grandmother to 9, great grandmother to 11 and the 12th and 13th on the way. Grandmother to human grandchildren, that is.
3- I have no living children of my own.
4- I occasionally forget to eat. Well, maybe more regularly than occasionally...
5- I've survived cancer and the treatments twice.
6- I'm decended from kings, queens, a royal courtesan, I have traced my geneology back to the year 0006, and am a bonified pioneer decendant eligible for Daughters of the Utah Pioneers and Daughters of the American Revolution.
I also forget to eat
I don't eat high fructose corn syrup
I shop at an organic food store
I was engaged at 19 to a guy who I thought wasn't really TBM, but changed when we got engaged. Thank goodness I got out of that.
I live in sin with my great boyfriend
I have two furkids - Chipper and Rocket. They always put a smile on my face
I'm a die-hard Utah Jazz fan and watch every game on TV here (thanks NBA League Pass)
"I don't eat high fructose corn syrup" , I dont either
"I shop at an organic food store", I also shop at an organic food store
6 Unique Things....hmmmm

1) I wake up to write and paint every day at about 4 am.

2) I LOVE mornings! Esp. if I can get to the gym first thing.

3) I started painting 11 months ago having never painted on a canvas or taken an art class in my life. So far I've been in two galleries.

4) I am addicted to Red Hots.

5) I don't watch TV

6) I have a published book and have written 6 others.
I dont watch TV either
~ I'm thinking about blowing mine up!
JulieAnn, I don't know how far I will go with it but I have started a book, thanks in part to you. Not one I discussed but one that seems to be jumping out at me as I type. It's SO off subject from anything I'd ever planned but the reviews I've gotten from the Helium site seemed to be pushing me in that direction. So, for whatever it's worth...

Also, I've been writing almost until you get up! LOL! Makes it extra difficult to get up in the morning. And my addiction, aside from coffee, is Hot Tamales!

I do love TV! It has been my education since I was a child, my mentor, my touchstone, my connection with the rest of the world. I'm just very selective in what I watch and don't believe everything I see.

I have had a couple of poems published in little publications (but assumed that it was because they had nothing else to print, freebees), and one in the wings. I'm waiting to see if the editors use it in a book that's scheduled to print in March 2009. I've had to sign all the papers and won't know until it's in print but I'm told that's normal. It's the Chicken Soup for the Soul Cancer Book, so I'll be sitting on pins and needles until I hear.
6 Unique Things? Hell I'm just an average dude...but let me give it a shot...

1. I was excommunicated (and NO I didn't break any Temple covenants) while serving as Young Men's President, having just been released from the High Council.
2. I exercise religiously...5 days a week
3. I got piss eyed drunk (literally throwing up in the street) during a return visit to my old mission field.
4. I "STILL" want the Chuch to be all it claims to be....but have accepted the fact that it is just a man made fraud.
5. I've told both my old Stake President and Bishop to "Fuck Off" while sitting in their respective church offices.
6. I love German Cars and German food...but didn't go on a mission to Germany.
7. My new name is/was "Enoch" (it's also unique that I shared 7 unique things about me...I think that says something about me)


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