Hey all! I don't where everyone is in their journey away from the church but felt like sharing this.... A few months after leaving the church I found that I had was trying to decide what I believed...and after a lot of trips to Barnes N Noble and lots of reading I was pretty much believing like many atheists do. Then I started reading about near death experiences and what intrigued me were the many parallels most of them had. It was learning about NDE, then eventually reincarnation and meditation, that have led me to believe in a universal source or universal love or GOD. I still can't say I KNOW there is a God but I believe. I heard once that there are 3 levels of knowledge...#1 is to KNOW...#2 is to BELIEVE...and #3 is to HOPE.

Anyways, I was chatting online last night with a great friend of mine. We actually met through the church when we both were in the YW presidency. I had known her brother previously. He was also in my ward but inactive...so naturally we got along very well;) About two months ago he was sick in the hospital and had an adverse reaction to a medication and ended up in ICU...he coded twice while he was there...we didn't think he was going to live...or if he did, he would never be the same. Luckily, he did live and just started speaking again. She was telling me that the first thing he said when he woke up was that he had a NDE...she wouldn't tell me about the specifics over the computer...she said she'd rather tell me in person. BUT she did say that she is now going to leave the church and wants to investigate what's out there. I found it so interesting that this type of situation can be the force to drive someone towards truth. I know NDEs have been a major player in my search for truth...does anyone have any experiences? Or heard about any cool ones?

Funny enough I remembered something last night...when I was twelve I went on my first temple trip...and after the temple we always stopped at the LDS bookstore (since it's the only one in FL and it was 4 hours away)...everyone got cool YW stickers or CDs...I bought a book about NDEs:) I just remember my dad telling me I couldn't talk about it in church.

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I may have shared this NDE with you previously but it's still one of the most intriguing ones I have read that gives many possible explanations about how our conscious universe works: http://www.near-death.com/experiences/reincarnation04.html

I haven't had any NDE's or OBE's (out of body) but I have spoken with some people who have. I also have friends who have had vivid dreams that come true. I think there is much science still has to discover about the subtle workings of our universe. Thanks for posting this thread. It's one that very much interests me.
I've never had any experience either. But I do know one thing...There is a recurring dream that I have every few months. It's extremely vivid and I have a crazy sensation when I'm dreaming it and when I wake up. I KNOW I've been in that house. So I think either it will happen one day but more likely that I've lived there in another life. What's cool is...Chris is there too...not my kids though. It's weird. Also I know where this place is...it's only like 2 hours from where we live now. BUT I can't pinpoint the location.
I've heard some interesting stories about kids who often still remember their past lives and can even pinpoint the house they lived in or experiences they had. I think there are some websites out with these types of accounts. There's a researcher out there who has done some extensive interviewing of over 2000 kids who had memories from past lives such that he makes the case to prove reincarnation does occur. I think his last name is Stephenson or something like that. Yah, here he is: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ian_Stevenson You might want to look at more of his studies.
Yes, I think Ian Stevenson books is a must read for anybody interested about reincarnation!!
I had a recurrent dream when I was younger; about I was dying in a tsunami...It was very vivid. But I haven't it since a few years ago...
I remember reading a book about a woman's NDE when I was about that age too (from my parents' collection - and I'm sure they also got it from an LDS bookstore). I thought it was fascinating and asked my parents if "we" believed this book was true. Didn't really get a straight answer.

No NDE experiences of my own, but I come from a family of dreamers and have had plenty of de-ja-vu experiences too; I believe there's a whole lot bigger picture going on than we can yet grasp! :)
Just over a year ago I read the book, "Adventures Beyond the Body: How to experience out-of-body travel", by William Buhlman. While I have yet to experience a waking adventure outside of my body, I found his book very interesting, most of all was that his adventures out of the body taught him similar things about the Universe as the NDE of Mellen Thomas Benedict There are some good techniques in his book that I feel would successfully lead one to have an OBE if practiced consistently and with patience. The reviews of his book seem to indicate such anyways.
Hi Cristina, unfortunately I'm working and I can't answer right now...but let me tell you I love this matter and I've been reading about it during the las monts because I need understood my mom passing away ( she died on may the 14th after a long disease). NDE are amazing for me...I hope we can share readings and experiences about it...My English is not very good ...do you speak Spanish??...More later...:)
Xiban, I'd be interested what you think of Mellen Thomas Benedict's NDE linked above.
Cristina, if you find out more about the NDE your friends brother had, I'd really be interested as to what he experienced or saw, such that his sister is now doubting the church etc. Thanks.
I'm excited to hear about it too. I'll let u know what his sister tells me. We're supposed to get together Saturday.


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