So I'm a bit confused with porn. Looking at Julie-Ann's artwork (which is beautiful) made me feel like I was looking at porn. Shheesh, I 've been called walking porn for showing my shoulders okay.

So..I guess being mormon really confused me as too what is and isnt porn. Any thoughts?

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I would only constitute drawings and paintings with nudity as porn if the images/sculptures etc, were posed in a sexually explicit position, such as a painting/sculpture of two lovers bangin' each other a la doggy style, however, if the painting or sculpture is of two naked lovers wrapped in each others arms, it, to me, would be more a demonstration of love and passion. There is probably a lot of gray area here so it's hard to say and it of course is subjective to the person viewing the art/images etc. Other than nudity being common, I wouldn't equate any of JuliaAnn's work as porn, but some of us may still carry TBM programming that makes us uneasy looking at it.
There is no real good definition of porn, not even in a legal sense. Personally, I think if it seems to be for the *explicit* purpose of titillating (ha...) the audience, it's porn. Nudity and sex, in and of themselves, don't have to be pornographic. But Micah is right, it's easy to default to the black/white Mormon way of seeing things.
My first reaction in this debate (I've had it before) is to define my terms. With porn, the primary goal is to titillate and excite. Erotica/art's primary goal is to convey the feelings of the artist about a particular subject and share a visual or literary vision of that perception. Titillation is secondary, sometimes not even present. I don't draw or paint to turn people on.

Erotic art has been around since before Paleolilthic beings scratched on the walls in Europe. But I believe there is a difference--look through art history and tell me, can you compare Klimt or Rodin's The Kiss with BIG difference.

The Mormon Church is surprisingly pro-sex--but only after they've drilled it into our collective heads that it's the biggest sin next to murder. Then we get married and wah-lah! All of that programming is supposed to just disappear.

I have issues with the attitude of sex in the country across the board; toss in the backward attitude of Christianity and you have yourself a real juxstaposition. On one hand, sex is everywhere and we are faced with varying degrees of it from pop culture to art to our own bedrooms. On the other, we are given the message that it is wrong to feel sexual, even going so far as to say once we get married we shouldn't have sexual feelings about anyone but our partners! Sorry, that is called a coma, not being human. Our feelings are okay. It's how we choose to carry out our desires that matter.

My art is about beauty--what is more beautiful than the female form? And if the secondary result is some titllation--then celebrate! You are alive! You are human! You are normal...and most important, you now have the freedom to express it without an external, shame-based patriarchy telling you that you are somehow flawed. You are just as God--whatever you perceive that to be, made you.

Right on, JA.

You've gotta love the Mormon message about sex.

Don't touch yourself. You'll not only go blind, but start that little factory going. Let’s not talk about those wet dreams that do all the work for you. Let’s just call them gifts from God. Shhhh....
If you are attracted to the same sex, you are sinning. It’s a choice! Stop being attracted to what you are attracted to. And tell that to the chinstrap penguin, dolphin and inseparable male canines down the street. God doesn't make mistakes and he created you male and female for a reason. Explain this to the hermaphrodite down the street who used to be named Mary but who is now named Jeff.
Sex is for bringing Gods spirit children into the world and you can also do it for fun; but with limits we'll define--mostly with innuendos and inferences. We don't want to offend anyone’s tender sensibilities. However, we'll hold you accountable, as will God, for knowing what we mean. But since you ask (and if you have to ask, you shouldn’t do it)--- don't ever do that unholy and unnatural thing called oral sex. We won't ask you about it ever again, but YOU KNOW WHAT WE MEAN when we say unholy and impure.
Sex shouldn't be lustful. (Try having an orgasm with that constantly searing your brain.)
Finally…do you wear the regulation garments both day and night, Brother and Sister So-and-So"? It’s okay to remove those Holy gag-me’s for things like swimming and other sports (is sex a sport??)---but put them back on immediately afterwards. Don't by any means fall asleep in each other’s arms naked or you won't be able to say "yes" to that question on the temple interview.
Holy cow, Susan! Your reply launched me into some crazy flashbacks.
I hear you Julia. I started writing and couldn't stop--things just flooded my brain.
JulieAnn, I was hoping you'd join in this discussion. You did not disappoint.
omg! ~ my sexuality was the first thing to come out of the lds coma ~ shocking, I know, expecially since I've been single a couple of years longer than I was ever a member.
Susan ~ sex is totally a sport! It felt good just to Say That! I'm straight ~ just not narrow.
I didn't grow up morg but my generation grew up with so many sexual taboos anyway ~ so I'm not learned enough to speak about bare art vs. porn per se ~ but I'm going to drop in my 2 cents anyway ~ I think the truth is dependent on the intent & motive of those who share it, or indulge in it, more than anything else. But basic nudity in and of itself is not pornographic.

Did you see TSM blow kisses at the little children at the dedication of a temple a few months ago?Sep 08? I almost puked!!! Now, imnsho, what he did was sexualizing to those little children!! You could see them look around as if they were confused about how to act when he did that! And they were right to feel that way. So, there's the flip side... the kids knew instinctively there was something wrong with what this old dude was doing. Can you imagine the confusion??? On top of their indoctrination, having been taught to be sheeple, here's a born to be pedo acting out right in front of them. TSM's Always Given Me the Creepos! When I saw him do that I knew there was a good reason he's always given me the heebie jeebies. Glad I don't have to worry about following him... In fact, I was searching for a video of him blowing those kisses when I found the DNA video that began my journey out.

I agree with Julia-Ann too ~ "Our feelings are okay. It's how we choose to carry out our desires that matter."
Too bad we weren't taught how beautiful our bodies really are ~ male and female alike.

I'm new to this site. But, I just had to throw my two cents in on this. I was an art major in college (not BYU so I did draw Full Monty Models). A friend of mine said once: "The difference between art and porn is lighting." That line still makes me laugh.
i happen to like my kind of both very much but i love it most when porn feels like art and art feels like porn.
nudity does not equal sexuality. That said, nudity can be sexy. (obviously lol). I'm an artist and have had nude models (all were beautiful, most times it was just art, but I won't deny that sometimes it was a sexual turn-on as well). But art is not porn. Hell, there is some porn I consider very artistic. Not much, but there is some.


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