I haven't tried the alchohol yet in respect of my wife's wishes. I'm setting her up for me drinking alchohol in a few years... after all the changes from leaving the church settle in, and we get used to our new relationship.

However, I have played with violating the WoW a couple of times.

For instance, I've tried Iced Tea a couple of times. Tastes like the water has been sitting around on a rock for awhile. A friend suggested I then try a sweetened, lemon-flavored nestea. It was a bit better, but I'm not a huge lemon fan, unless it's straight lemonade. I don't know how vigorously I'll persue Iced tea. Maybe try a couple more combinations when I find them.

My other violation: Chocolate covered espresso beans. They had some out at work one day, and I gave it a try. I kept an extra to try a few days later.
At first, the flavor was rather shocking, the way it just sits there in your whole mouth, for a long time afterwards. But a few days later I got the guts to try the second one, and I was a little more used to it. Now I want a third, but how to purchase without upsetting the TBM spouse? Very carefully...

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Tea and coffee are aquired tastes.  If your energy is running low, slug down 10 ounces of coffee.  I hate coffee, and tea is hard on one of my autoimmune disorders, but, once in a while I'll do a fun herbal tea.  Christmas roles around, look for Celestial seasonings Plum something or other tea.  WOW!  Alcohol is no great panacea, especially if there's hardwire in your system for alcoholism.  But something sweet, like a strawberry daquiri, with lots of whipped cream, is a nice way to celebrate an occasion.  Booze is worse on the system that weed.  A very small amount of weed goes a very long way.  I liken it to taking a xanax and watching a good movie.
Don't rush it. It'll come when it comes. I found that I really didn't like alcohol all that much. It pretty much all tastes the same: bad. I have enjoyed broadening my horizons by trying different types though. I'll still drink it when it's what everyone's having, but other than that I just have it in the house to cook with. You'll like coffee and tea. Lots of different ways to prepare them.
I don't see why anybody really needs to make themselves like alcohol, tea, or coffee.  Why bother, if you have to get used to it?  It's not like the entire world imbibes.

Obviously no one needs to make themselves like it if they don't want to. :) But a lot of those beverages can be delicious and fun, so why not try them out? A lot of it can also be good for you (green tea, red wine...not hard liquor obviously hehe) with minimal to no negative health effects when taken in moderation. I don't recommend going overboard on any of it, especially alcohol, but it all sort of has its time and place to me. :) I was freaking out insane worried when my hubby wanted to start drinking that he was going to go off the deep end and be drunk all the time. He has a beer with friends occasionally. That's it. No big deal.

And there is a BIG difference between drinking coffee and smoking cigarettes. You have to drink a SHIT TON of coffee regularly before it starts having any negative effects on your body at all. A cup a day isn't enough. And it isn't anywhere close to as addictive. 

Warning:  Alcohol is a drug.  I'm kind of shocked at how everyone here is acting like 13 year olds wanted to raid someone's beer cabinet.  It's pretty sophomoric, it is a drug, it is addictive, and it is damaging to your body.  If you learn to enjoy a glass of wine with dinner, or a drink a day, fine, but this conversation to me is weird, because I did all this stuff in high school and college, and nothing good came from it.  When I became ill with 3 autoimmune disorders, I found that once a year or so two puffs off a joint kept me out of the looney bin, but other than that, I've given the rest up.  Most of the people I grew up with have as well, except for 5 of them that drank themselves into liver disease and died.

I totally get and respect why you choose to abstain from alcohol given your health issues, but also as you seem to have partied pretty hard in your day and have seen people get hurt. My friends who did the partying thing in high school likewise put themselves into some pretty ridiculous situations in the name of alcohol.

I don't have anywhere near as much as a drink a day. I have a drink very occasionally socially or with a nice dinner. I think most people here seem very cautious about trying alcohol, I don't see anyone acting like a 13 year old. I didn't try alcohol ever growing up, and I'm glad I didn't - I wouldn't have wanted to when I was a minor and quite a bit more emotionally volatile. I had my first drink when I was 21 and I drink very responsibly. And I think most of those on here didn't have the experience in HS or college, and it's natural to be curious about something that has been forbidden your entire life. I try to take a moderate, balanced approach to life after being in such an extreme church. 

I think it's easy for some of us to over react to the drinking and partying thing, if we did it excessively in our youth.  I see the results in my own son, now clean and sober for 3 months as he is an expectant father and taking it very seriously.  But man it was hard for him to go cold turkey.  I think my whole point here has been that some are going to have difficulty with this as an addiction, and not realize it, when it may just be easier to not start in the first place.  If it's not something you see as a deal breaker in your exmormonism, then I'd just say approach with caution, or not at all.  I remember being able to take 7 shots of tequila in one sitting, and then ride my bicycle home for the night, barely feeling anything.  I also remember smoking way too much on a regular basis.
I know I'm posting out of order, but someone is walking up to my door and I'm in a hurry.  Another universalist site that's actually the best out there is Philip Gulley's.  Just type in his name and it should come up.  A quaker preacher who simply couldn't ignore what he was reading about universalism, and gave up alot to move into this belief set.
As far as the article about coffee and less suicides, we need to be really careful with this info.  It's not a slew of studies done over decades, and mild depression is easily treated with caffeine.  We all know that.  Please, anyone here suffering side affects of depression, perhaps clinical in nature, do not take this article and run with it.  Take your body to a doctor, doc in the box, Central District Health dept., Nurse Practitioner, you name it, and talk about what's going on.  You probably need a little something stronger, at least for a few months.  Don't wait, and don't mess around if you feel bad.  And doc's can send samples home with you and help keep you out of the poor house as well.  Costly bastards.

Coffee, tea tobacco and alcohol usually takes time to acquire the taste. I did not partake before and do not really have a desire to spend the money on it. Wine and bear taste terrible, I am not even going to consider tobacco, Coffee flavor is ok, but a cup of it is too strong for me, I do like some teas. In particular Chinese green tea. That’s my take on it

I had tasted very few alcoholic drinks, one cigarette and only herbal teas, as a member and none of them very good.  Since leaving the LDS religion I have more thoroughly sought the truth in all things.  Alcohol at least for me is not immediately addictive.  I have found a few drinks that I like, Long Islands when out with friends socially and  Kraken rum, which I drink a couple times a month, usually a shot before going to bed really helps me get to sleep quickly.  I got that idea from hearing stories of centenarians who attribute some of their longevity to a nightly drink.  I like tea but still don't like coffee, I have always been put off by the smell, but will have to for the sake of science try some of the better coffees, to be fair.


That being said, if you do not have a desire to pursue these beverages, then don't worry about it.  Some of them unlike what is taught in religion is actually healthy for you, in moderation.  Being older I did not dive into drinking with the reckless abandonment of youth, sometimes inspired by peer pressure.  I did it after study, prayer and receiving a witness from the Holy Ghost... well thoughtful contemplation and asking non-imaginary friends who's opinions I respected. 

Enjoy life.

Try two or three cups of coffee.  You might like the buzz.  I've always loved the smell of coffee, and my husband and daughter drink it, but I was really surprised at my birthday gift this year.  It was a large, wide, glass container full of fragrant coffee beans, with candles placed in it.  The whole room smells wonderful.  Another glass container with black rocks and a black candle, and another huge container, more sandalwood in color like my dining room table, with a fragrant candle in it.  I wake up and think I'm in church!!


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