I haven't tried the alchohol yet in respect of my wife's wishes. I'm setting her up for me drinking alchohol in a few years... after all the changes from leaving the church settle in, and we get used to our new relationship.

However, I have played with violating the WoW a couple of times.

For instance, I've tried Iced Tea a couple of times. Tastes like the water has been sitting around on a rock for awhile. A friend suggested I then try a sweetened, lemon-flavored nestea. It was a bit better, but I'm not a huge lemon fan, unless it's straight lemonade. I don't know how vigorously I'll persue Iced tea. Maybe try a couple more combinations when I find them.

My other violation: Chocolate covered espresso beans. They had some out at work one day, and I gave it a try. I kept an extra to try a few days later.
At first, the flavor was rather shocking, the way it just sits there in your whole mouth, for a long time afterwards. But a few days later I got the guts to try the second one, and I was a little more used to it. Now I want a third, but how to purchase without upsetting the TBM spouse? Very carefully...

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I drank a lot of herbal tea on my mission so I don't mind hot tea (with sugar). I have loved the smell and taste of coffee since I was a kid though (I had smelled it at a friends house and had tasted coffee icecream). We bought our first coffee maker in August or September and have several flavors that we go between. I wouldn't say that I am addicted but I enjoy a hot cup about every other day. I have tried alcohol but so far don't like the taste of the many beers we've tried or the couple wines and champagnes. We have only drunk enough to start getting tingly or woozy but not drunk. So far I am thinking "what's all the hubub about?".
What's all the hubub? WHATS ALL THE HUBUB!?!?! Blasphemy!!!!

Coffee was gross at first, now I love the stuff and I don't even use creamer anymore. I have a big cup every day when I get to work and I gotta say it makes the day so much better.

As for alcohol, I'll quote Benjamin Franklin:

"Beer is living proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy."

So if you're starting out, try some wine coolers or something like that. You can't even taste the alcohol. White Russians are rather good too. Try mixing your own screwdrivers. Orange juice (or juice of your choice) + vodka. Mix it in whatever proportions you want so it's not very strong and you can't really taste the alcohol. Then start branching out with stronger drinks. Beer isn't really that tasty, but it grows on you. Kind of like sour candy. You get that initial "ack!" but after awhile you realize you kinda like it and prefer it over other candies.

Alcohol is a beautiful, wonderful, glorious thing.
Yes I agree, you have to start out slow with drinking. I am ashamed to say (now) that I used to love Mikes Hard Lemonade. I started there and eventually began to appreciate alcohol the way that a lot of people in my life always had. It took about a year before I understood what people actually liked about it. Now I am in love (a safe non-addicted love). I enjoy a mimosa at my Sunday brunch with friends, wine with dinner, beer at a football game! It's so good, but yes it took a little bit of time to get used to it.
When it comes to beer I started with wheat beers or heffeweizen (which is actually the same thing) and it was really easy to drink. White wine is usually easier for beginners. And I agree with Jon, when it comes to mixed drinks go with the screw driver!

I love tea. The best iced tea you can get is either by making it yourself (ice tea maker) or going to a coffee shop and getting some. I really love green tea. Don't get the cheap tea either. Since it is cold, I have hot tea a lot. There's lots of varieties. Try sweeting with honey. I drink mine plain usually.

I love coffee though. Coffee shops are great places!

Wine is another favorite. It is great to have a glass. It is relaxing! I prefer wine to any other alcoholic beverage.
I just read your exit story--I'm happy you didn't get sucked in by your Vegas fiancee. That had disaster all over it. I felt myself give a virtual sigh of relief for you.

I also had an enlarged thyroid--age 25. They told me mine was Graves' disease. I had to drink some radioactive iodine and kill the whole thing. Did you have the operation and have the whole thing removed?

I'm with you. I love iced tea and wines but other alcohol, I can take or leave~


I remember my days "violating" the WoW... It was fun!

Well I have to say, IMHO, ice tea and coffee are both aquired tastes. I love both. If you want to start drinking ice tea, you have to start with the good stuff. Olive Garden has a Belini Ice Tea (Peach and Raspberry flavors I believe) that is awesome. And if you live in the south or somewhere they have a Waffle House, they have a great sweet tea that I could drink gallons of. Oh! I love lemons and can't stand lemon ice tea... if you want a good tea that is everywhere go for the Nestea Raspberry flavor. But the best tea you can ever get is Chai tea (comes both hot and cold). If you like spices such as cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, cardamon you will really like Chai tea. Starbucks has a good Chai tea. I also like the Chai instant tea from Internation House of Coffee (found by the instant coffee beans at the grocery store), it is a cheaper alternative to starbuck and tastes just as good if you make it with milk.

Coffee is also something that you have to start with the really good stuff before you can stand the standard office coffee. Anything Espresso will be nasty at first! LOL! I recommend staying away from the chocolate espresso beans until you drink a cup or two of good coffee. :) For coffee stick with anything flavor you like of Latte' or Cappacino. Those are both made with steamed milk and I think that tones down the "coffee" flavor a bit. I grew to love coffee by drinking a ton of Cafe' Mocha's. Now I can drink coffee anyway but black... I LOVE coffee.

Now alcohol is some fun stuff. I liked it the first time I tried it. But as Jon suggested, my first drinks were a mudslide, a screwdriver and a shot of apple schnapps. All of those can be made as mild as you want. Beer is good as is wine, but you have to find what you like in those. Some suck and some are okay and some you just love. If you need to break the wife in slowly, go with a wine cooler or those flavor malt beverages (Bacardi-O, Captain Morgan, Schmirnoff). Those are good and to others it doesn't seem so alcoholish.

I hope this helps with your adventures of violating the WoW!
I just wanted to report that while my husband and I were out to lunch yesterday he pleasantly surprised me by ordering a Corona. It was liberating:) Plus he looked really sexy drinking that Corona.
Hi Everyone,

Since I drank at BYU (horrors!)..I wasn't really challenged to not drink when I married my man., it was easy to give up something that was risky to do in the first place.

Now, 23 years later, we are exploring alcohol. I love it! (I have been out for five, my man has been out for nine months)..this is all new to us.

We had our first sparkling wine the other night (we let all of our kids try it) three of us loved it, five of us didn't.

It was so liberating to actually buy this. I thought that "now we can act like normal people" and not be so uptight.

Cheers! Ha ha..
I am not much of an iced tea fan, which is weird for a southerner.

A miss companion of mine got me to drink coffee for the first time. An iced mocha, and WOW (pardon the pun) was I hooked. I think the first thing I did when I really started to fall away was started drinking coffee. I have gotten away from the sweet though. I like a good dark roast and black.

I have a VERY high tolerance for alcohol. I blame my mormon upbringing for blessing me with a hyperactive liver. :-) My first drink was a bourbon neat, and I still love it. I have found that I am a classic alcohol kind of man. I do not like beer very much. Give me a bourbon, straight tequila shots, and a classic mixed drink like gin and tonic. My one favorite mixed drink is a lynchburg lemonade (my love of whiskey/bourbon again). But, when I get drunk, I'll venture out for a martini or a rare sweet drink.
I have a strong addiction to coffee. Christmas 2008 I put shots of Bailey's Irish Cream into my coffee. Since then, I have not touched alcohol. I am content with the coffee.

Sometimes I have 3 pots aday, but I am cutting down.

My favorite thing about breaking the word of wisdom is CHAI, and it has been a guilty pleasure since well before I left the church. Chai is the most delicious comforting beverage ever. I am a general fan of all hot teas. And I love coffee, but I am pretty wussy. I prefer mochas and lattes to anything very strong. :)


I was very hesitant to do the alcohol, but now I love that wine and beer are just alternate beverage choices at dinner and not a big deal. Really most beer is gross, I have only tried one kind that I liked - a red beer from Carolina Ale House (WHICH IS TO DIE FOR WITH THEIR BURGERS OMG). I love wine, especially white, but red too on occasion. And margaritas with tequila are SO much better than virgin margaritas. Trust me on that.

Bah!  Why bother with coffee or tea- coffee is addictive and not very healthy, If you're not really into it why start, especially when there's not that big of a payoff? 

It's like the difference between smoking pot and smoking cigarettes.  Never understood cigarettes- nobody likes that at first, you have to work hard to make yourself like it and then it's bad for you in the long run but you're addicted so hard to stop.  Never did have that problem with weed though...;)


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