OK folks . How much did you loose $$$$? I left about 5 years ago but I am still extremely ticked-off being coerced into paying tithing (10% of my income) so I would not burn at the last judgment. Over the 44 years I was active my wife and I gave to tithing, various building funds, activities, the temple fund, missionary fund, ward operating budget and other funds, as well as a years supply of wheat and dried food. It works out to almost 15% for some of those years. I also lost income from not working on Sunday and being cond out of $40,000 from a member of the Bishopric. I managed to get $20,000 of it back .Calculating at a very low average of $4000 a year, ( since I paid very little as a teenager and none on my mission) with modest simple compound interest of only 4%, we would have had almost $700,000 in my retirement plan, plus the compound interest for the last 5 years,. Considering, some years we gave much more than that, the rise of the stock market and that interest rates in the 1980's were as high as 19%!!! I would have over a million. My son said, "Well maybe you would have spent it instead of saving it." I answered, "Not likely, but if I had spent it, it would have been a hell of a good time." or we may have helped some poor family in the third world. Anybody want to buy some wheat?


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I left fairly young, at age 29.  Still, if you include what I spent for my mission, and all of my tithes until age 29, It's still at least  $40,000!  .  Too bad they don't offer "tithing returns", for no return on investments 

To those that read my first reply, what can I say.  Just a brain-fart due to having a lot on my mind.

The true figure would be about $100,000.  Considering my debts and very small fixed income, it would still a miracle (if I believed in miracles), if I were to have it drop into my lap today.

I could buy a few acres where I could enjoy raising fish, rabbits, chickens, pigs, fruit & nut trees, lots of berry bushes, and a humongous garden. 


Then imagine adding on what the church conned out of those poor members in California to get Prop 8 passed... it's just sick.

I really didn't lose much $$$ because I was one of those non-tithing members because I didn't have the $$$. I think total, over the 3 years, I lost maybe $ 40.00.  I was such a bad tither but to me Church was supposed to be more than $$. good thing I left. :)

I think my ex husband and I tithed a total of $200 dollars maybe a little more. We did get some benefit though. The chuch helped us pay our rent a few times and we had to get food from the storehouse.


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