Today is my 2 year anniversary from when I woke up and decided religion as a whole was mostly bunk and not genuinely working to bring humanity
together.  I went home from work 2 years ago with that epiphany and
without any prior warning to my DW, told her "the church isn't true,
I'm done paying tithing and am going to go get new underwear.  Do you
want to come with me?".  Something along those lines.  She was
fortunately secure enough in herself that she didn't have any negative
reaction to that response surprisingly and gradually joined me on this
journey over the following year.  You can read my exit story for the
full details of the unusual way I found my way out of the church ( in "Our Exit Stories" under Forum above). 
I have grown more in past two years in terms of cognitive thinking
skills and emotional maturity than I feel occurred in my 29 years of
life before them.  I recently pulled up the letter I wrote my family about a month
after I left the other day and was shocked at some of the crazy things
I still believed just a month after leaving the church.  I share them
here for your entertainment.  2 years out and life is good and just
getting better.


An excerpt from this 7 page letter (highlighted beliefs are now ones I no longer hold or severely doubt):



Some of My New Beliefs (as of 6/28/08)


So as to clarify my beliefs and prevent repeat answering of questions as to what my beliefs now are, I will try to summarize some of what I
believe as to spirituality.  I do this
not to try and convert anyone to my beliefs, but to provide understanding and
reassurance that I have not just dropped off the edge of the spiritual world to
indulge in "riotous living".  Feel free
to ask questions if further clarification/understanding is desired.


  • I believe in God as the creator and inventor of the universe and that if he did
    not exist, neither would anything else exist

  • I believe that Jesus provided us the best example of how to live our lives
    in harmony with universal principles that allow us to achieve the most
    good in this life as well as how to put ourselves on the path of
    ascension, which is, the process of raising our spiritual and physical
    bodies into the higher spiritual realms of godhood and creatio

  • I believe in the universal principles of free will/agency and unconditional
    love.  That which takes away the
    free will of someone else, should be avoided.  Love should be given and expressed
    unconditionally to all walks of life both human and non-human.

  • I believe in the immortality of the sole, that each of us has a higher self,
    our spirit, that has always existed and will always exist and that cannot
    be destroyed either in this life, or in other lives.  Our spirit/higher self, has a direct
    conduit to the consciousness of God so as to teach us the truth of all
    things.  This can be achieved
    through practicing meditation and quieting your mind.

  • Families can be the ideal method for creating a positive life experience.

  • The plan of salvation involves each of us experiencing thousands of lives
    through reincarnation.  While the
    veil prevents us from remembering each of our previous lives, our
    spirit/higher-self remembers each of them and the lessons we learned from
    them.  This process continues until
    we have learned how to save ourselves and ascend into the higher realms as
    did Jesus

  • Relationships with family, friends, etc, are eternal and transcend time and lives
    regardless of how your current or previous life/lives ended.

  • All individuals will eventually overcome their lower vibrating karmas and be
    able to ascend into the higher realms of godhood and creation. 
    Hell is something we experience during
    this life when we fail to see the good in ourselves, our higher godliness,
    and engulf ourselves in needless guilt. 
    This can be overcome by forgiving ourselves and loving ourselves
    and others unconditionally. 
    Mistakes are an experience to be grateful for as they teach us many
    things about ourselves and what it is to be human.

  • Each of us creates our own reality.  That which is first thought, and then sought after and believed can come to fulfillment.  This is the
    nature of the godliness in each of us.  We are all co-creators on this
    earth.  We can change our future by believing and visualizing that
    which best serves humanity (peace, no hunger, no poverty etc)

  • This Earth was populated and inhabited millions of years ago by extra-terrestrials
    and overtime, the human form as we know it today was genetically created
    as universal being that could be incarnated by beings from all over the
    universe for the purpose of experiencing the 3
    rd dimension and
    the forces of duality/opposites. 
    This cycle of duality and experiencing life on Earth in its 3
    dimensional form is coming to an end and we are about to be welcomed back
    into the cosmic family and back into the 5
    th dimension of
    godhood and creation.  The human
    beings are the only beings amongst all created beings who carries within
    his/her created self the ability to become fully the Eternal Infinite Power
    and Divinity, Gods in physical form

  • The "Holy Ghost" as believed by religions is actually the intuition and
    guidance from our higher self, our direct communication line from God the
    creator.  All of humanity has access
    to this regardless of religious biases.

  • Extra-terrestrials, known to most religions as angels or the hosts of heaven, are already
    here, and have been here for centuries and are here to help us ascend
    (comparable to the religious beliefs of resurrection/twinkling) and also
    help the Earth cleanse herself and return to a paradise like planet.  Governments have held this knowledge
    hidden as they do not want to relinquish control over us and allow true
    expression of freedom and free-will

  • Only a few months to years remain before the Space Brotherhood
    (extra-terrestrials) will be announced as being here, first by the
    government and media, second by de-cloaking their spaceships and arriving
    to help us achieve our ascension back to the higher dimensions of heaven,
    godliness and lov

  • Most of us were once gods on Earth during the Atlantis and Lemuria reigns,
    before we fell from this state to the 3
    rd dimension where we
    are found now.



Now THAT, is some CRAZY SHIT!

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hey, can I join your church!! It sounds so fucking crazy, that it MUST BE TRUE!

LOL!!! It must be true cause it's so crazy! Hehehe!
Yes, I'm thinking now perhaps this is why none of them tried to bring me back. They were scared of the craziness I was full of LOL! Even funnier is that I think I sent this same letter to my Bishop and SP. They must have thought I had run off to join some crazy alien cult :-) Now my beliefs are much more fluid, open to change and separate from what I "know" and from my identity. Thanks for the kind comment.
Good man! Live life to your own standards and do the best you can at all times. I wasted, uterly wasted two years of my life on a Mission. I returned to my Catholic faith. I missed it and am glad I did. It works for me.

I am happy now, more successful and have a great life! I am deeply angry at those political BSers in Salt Lake. I hope they slip down in the toilet and hit their old heads.

God job, keep it up Mike Utah!!

Don Deff Lepard, Animal
Thanks for the support Don!
Ok, I just have to know -- tell me what particular books you emersed yourself in about the aliens stuff. I have been exposed to all of this thinking by another exmo -- and a whole lot more (reptilians, 2012, ya know -- the whole enchilada). Just curious to know if you read the same books. David Icke? Can't remember the others. I am happy with just shrugging my shoulders and saying: I don't know, it could be, I just don't 'know -- If you think you "know" fine." Personally, I think it's kind of just trading one form of "I am so lucky to know the truth, I am superior to the rest of you" -- for another version of "I REALLY know the truth now". Just MY opinion!! :-)
Didn't read any books. Read lots of stuff online and watched a few youtube/google video "documentaries". Lots of alien/new age/2012 websites out there. I'm familiar with David Icke and many other 2012 pushers. I'm now taking a safe and distanced "wait and see" approach. The nice thing with many of these new agers is they like to make predictions and the predictions rarely happen in the way or time frame they predict and so lose the more honest truth seekers pretty quick, which is what happened with me.
One program I enjoy as good entertainment is "Coast to Coast" with George Noory. It is good entertainment and I enjoy it as well. You can google the name for specifics and to gain info needed to listen. It can geta bit wierd, but no wierder than a political officer called a Bishop thinking that he really is spiritual guru and can call fire from the sky. BROTHER!!

Life, to me is about enjoying it. How sad to get to the end of giving all to a fake bs group, and then thry try to make your servce a publicity piece for ther frickin church as well. God, I am so glad I left theMormons crap.

Don in Vegas
Good to hear from your Patricia! How have you been? I hope all is well with you down under.
God, I am not alone! The plates in the dishwasher whisper theology to me. I know its true because of a warm feeling when I pull them out. hardy har har! :)

Don, Vegas
I had never read this letter before, I liked it!. I think that regardless of what each of us believe aftrer leaving the church, the important thing is not that, but learning the way we are doing. After all, when we die all know the only truth "Church", lol!

Congratulations for your 2 years!!
Thanks Xiban!
Congratulations on your 2 years anniversary Micah. I read this last night, but wasn't brave enough to comment. I must admit that I was wide eyed at much of the stuff in yellow, but it certainly was fun to read, lol...I'm glad that you're finding your own path, one which may take you in many directions, all of which you can have fun with and learn from...good luck on the remainder of your journey :)


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