#1 reason for leaving the mormon faith? Please share your experience.

I'm interested in hearing the number one reason why everyone left the mormon church. What was the final straw that broke the camels back for you? Please be specific. I realize for most it's for various reasons, but if you could narrow it down to one or two reasons I'd really be interested in hearing about it. Was it a certain doctrine taught? Was it something from the history? Was it the way it made you feel? Did you have some kind of spiritual experience or vision telling you to leave? etc. etc. Please share. Thanks

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Hey thanks everyone for the responses.

I was born and raised in the church and believed it 110% for 50 years. I had a Temple Marriage, was a member of the Bishopric, paid my tithing, supported my son on his mission, attended the temple, etc. etc., you get the picture. I "KNEW" the church was true. Absolutely no question about it. I guess because I "KNEW" it was true I never really took a hard close look at it. Long story short, I fell in love with another member of our ward, she left her husband, I left my wife and we moved in together. Yep, two model Mormon members, both temple recommend holders. I knew my fate was sealed and I was going to hell, but that was a choice I made. So my #1 reason for leaving was because I was excommunicated. But that's not the end. After about a year away from the church, and still "KNOWING" it was true, I thought I'd go talk with the bishop, repent, and get baptized and return to the flock. Me and my new wife were very happy together and had an awesome marriage. I was sure she'd go along with whatever I wanted, as we were both happy in the church when we were members. Then I realized I was in a position I had never been in before. I was no longer a member of the church and if I was going to get back into the church, or any other organization that required 10% of my income and about 6 hours a week of my time, I should look at it very closely and rationally. I had never done this before. So I went online and started checking out the church. HOLY CRAP!!!!! I found the other side of the coin. I never learned this stuff in church. Having an engineering background, I was looking for facts. So my #1 reason for not returning to the mormon church was the DNA proof that the Lamanites were NOT decendants of Lehi. I consider DNA to be extremely accurate and with over 8,000 native Americans tested, from North America, South America and Cental America and from over 100 different tribes, and they can't find any with DNA ancestry connecting them to the middle east where Lehi was suppose to have come from. This means the Book of Mormon is BOGUS. That's right, when Lehi's son said, "I, Nephi, having been born of goodly parents" it is all BS. Along with all the millions of inhabitants in the Americas spoken of in the Book of Mormon. No artifacts, no language connection, no middle eastern writings, and what about the wheel???? They had wheeled carts etc. in the middle east and if there really was a group from there that had the ability to build a ship and sail to America, then certainly they would have built the wheel when they got here. But there were no wheels in America prior to the explorers arriving from Europoe. So the DNA was my #1 reason along with the supporting evidence I mentioned. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. Almost forgot to mention, we've been married for 9 years now and still have an awesome marriage.

I like your story Tethercarguy.  Thanks for the details about the native American DNA testing.  I never knew anything about that or the other problems with the BOM, PoGP, or church history, until I was fully convinced the church wasn't true.  I'm constantly learning new things that show the church to be phony.  The huge amount of evidence that proves it's all BS is astounding.


Thanks. When I was in the church I was positive it was true to the point I never checked it out. I'm sure there are others that feel the same as I did. But you're absolutely right when you say the amount of evidence is astounding. It's mind boggling. Here are a couple great sites:  http://www.mormonthink.com/      and


Thanks for those sites.  I've bookmarked them and started reading.  The first story I came across affected me greatly, so I put it on a blog here at LAM:  http://www.lifeaftermormonism.net/profiles/blogs/this-is-the-most-p...

I assume you live in Idaho or are from there. Would you happen to know the Hillams? I think they're in the blackfoot area.

I'm in Pocatello, but don't think I know the Hillams.  Mr. MM might.

Very close friends of mine from when they lived in So.Cal. They are TBM thru and thru, but the best people ever.

Thanks for the link about exmormonscholarstestify...I didn't know about this one

They're great. The one by Dianne Ormond is just the best. A one woman wrecking crew just telling it like it is. Anyone that reads this and doesn't realize the church is total BS, they are certifiably brainwashed.

Here's her complete letter. A must read!!   http://mormonthink.com/itstartedwithscience.htm

Hi, I know the letter Dianne Ormond wrote and, in fact, I have it on my PC...because, who knows??, maybe it will help somebody  who I know very well :)...Like you ,I think after reading it you KNOW the Church is a fairy tale:))


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