#1 reason for leaving the mormon faith? Please share your experience.

I'm interested in hearing the number one reason why everyone left the mormon church. What was the final straw that broke the camels back for you? Please be specific. I realize for most it's for various reasons, but if you could narrow it down to one or two reasons I'd really be interested in hearing about it. Was it a certain doctrine taught? Was it something from the history? Was it the way it made you feel? Did you have some kind of spiritual experience or vision telling you to leave? etc. etc. Please share. Thanks

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Subatomic particles have a negative or a positive charge due to the electromagnetic field created by protons or electrons.

But this process is not the same for human emotions. Negative emotions are caused by stimulation of the brian's amygdala and has nothing to do with attracting or repelling matter. In fact, "good" matter can have a negative charge!

You analogy is poetic, and I like the idea of postive behavior attracting good emotions and vice versa--but it is an analogy. Analogies can be attractive ideas, but if we are seeking to understand the real state of the world--as it is--analogies wont get us there.

Another question your post raises for me:

If you dont have a physical brain--how can you feel blissful? As we learn more about our brains, we are discovering just how much of our existence is anchored in our physical being. For example, did you know that damage to a certain area of the brain can prevent people from feeling negative emotions at all? (This is very dangerous if you are facing a lion in the wild, so I can see why our brains evolved to have negative emotions!).

I understand we are a young solar system and physicists actually have pretty good support for the theory that there are 11 dimensions.

But the age of the Universe or the number of dimensions does nothing to support the claim that it all exists so that I can learn to be nice to my neighbor and then live happily for eternity.

But again, you poetic analogy is nice advice for the here and now, if I am nice to my neighbor--I do have a better chance of living longer and living peacefully (even blissfully) while my brain--and me with-- does still exist!

That's almost identical to my experience.  They hide so much.  I guess they think they have to, but if they have to hide the history, it must not be true.

I was instructed by an angel to dig into the side of a mountain, where I found some gold plates- there was actually ancient Lamanite pornography etched into the plates. Upon having the plates tested at a precious metals store, I was told they were Pyrite. That was the last straw........


All joking aside, it was the 1978 revelation regarding Blacks and the priesthood. There's no way God didn't love all people the same until 1978. I have found numerous other parts of the mormon religion that really bug me, but 1978 is the biggest thing for me.



So Joseph Smith ordained blacks to the priesthood around 1840, Brigham Young decided they shouldn't have the priesthood around 1850 and in 1978 they get the priesthood back. My question is, what did the blacks do to piss God off between 1840-1850? Of all the bad things Joseph Smith did, and God know there were plenty, at least he wasn't a racist like Brigham Young. So that's one Attaboy for ole Joe.

And to think Gordon B. Hinckley didn't know anything about this when asked by Larry King.

Thanks for the information, I'd never heard this explanation.

No wonder BY spoke so harshly against infidelity, makes sense.

@ by DoctorDahesh on June 3, 2012 at 11:56am     Please where is your authority ie your source of information,because I would like to look it up.

Thanks for sharing.

@ Doctor Dahesh Thanks a lot.Please could you remind me of what the discussion was all about because i cannot find the thread again.

Thanks a in advance.

Wow! Just wanted to let you know how much I'm enjoying you sharing your knowledge and experiences with us, DoctorDahesh!  I'm very curious as if you could elaborate on the last sentence you expressed in your last post. The "Wheel of Rebirth, which is Hell"...is this referring to Reincarnation? And what exactly are we suppose to be transforming ourselves in to in order to avoid this Wheel? Thanks!


Hi! Sorry, I can't figure out where to respond to your reply; hopefully, this will show up in the right place.

So according to your research and knowledge, the old adage of "What did I do in my past life to deserve this?" has validity.

In your words: "To live a good life, filled with goodness, more good than bad, means you'll be born without diseases of mind or body. No cancer. No deformity. No mental illnesses. No genetic illnesses. A beautiful and healthy body."

So we *are* being punished for our deeds/thoughts in a past life...if that's true...then I was one hell of a bad-ass in my past life because I have/had ALL of the above! NOT very encouraging, to say the least!

But, thanks for sharing your insight!


Interesting enough it's the 19th anniversary of my conversion into mormon church today. It was an interesting path, I was baptized when I was a teenager so my perception of life was influenced by the religion. I knew about the contraditions in the church history and yet I still was a pretty active memeber. But at some point after doing my homework on psychology I realized that the church is nothing but a business selling people fictional remedies for their existensial fears. At a very high price. And only now I feel I'm becoming a grown up person, not a teen anymore.


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